Teach a numbnut how to invest 40k

The greatest investment I ever made was buying tools to start a window cleaning company.
The worst investment I ever made was buying a 45k SUV, took me 6 years to pay off.

So I have 40k that I put into a savings account and am planning to use it as a downpayment for a house in the future, problem is that houses around here start at 700k so until I save 30% (200k) i am no where near ready to get into the market.

Im getting impatient of seeing that 40k increase only 1 or 2k a month based on the extra money I save from my window cleaning jobs. How can I take a chunk of that money and double it and triple it over time?

My only thoughts are to go to vegas and gamble. or go to a local bar and bet on nfl games.

Not sure about the US but in the UK the bank interest rates for saving are very poor.

There is now move towards crowd funding business’s and personal loans which bring better rates of return.

Something you “could” look into.

Ah, the dilemma of investing: safe investments rarely have good returns, and investments with great returns are never ‘safe’. And vehicles are always a losing proposition, lol.

I would suggest shopping around for a good investment planner. Do tons of research, and avoid any opportunities that sound too good to be true. Watching the show “American Greed” will open your eyes to just how many shady investment brokers are out there, and how convincing they can be.

But I think your greatest opportunity to grow your money is by reinvesting in yourself: by either growing and expanding your current company, or branching out into another business opportunity.

Oh, and I probably don’t need to tell you this, but, “I FORBID YOU TO GAMBLE WITH IT!” Either at Vegas, or on penny stocks!

Give him a call he does a show everyday about that stuff.

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Don’t ever invest money in the stock market with less than a five-year time frame. You could make 30%+. You could lose 30%+. It’s too volatile in the short-term. Five years or more reduces the volatility, although it doesn’t eliminate the risk. Congrats for saving such a nice amount. Financial self-control is really rare these days.

Why do you have to go to the local bar to bet NFL games. Here is my # . 516- you will -never win - money betting football ,But here is a lock take the pats an lay the wood. Boom double money

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I would recommend meeting with a financial planner that you trust.

Or you could win the lottery. Disclaimer: you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning!

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Vegas. Roulette table. 40k on red. Spin that wheel… You’re nights about to change in one of two completely different ways.

i have a man crush on brady (is that weird to admit?) so ill always bet on the pats.

I have a friend that does the stock market thing, for all the time and discipline he dedicates to that, it sounds like a full time job. he could already have 100k in his savings if he worked $10 an hour at mcdonalds.

do you have a financial planner? what kinds of things does he tell you to do and has anything ever worked to help you make money?

Yes. I have total trust in him. He is a friend of mine that I have known since first grade. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I would never put all my money in the stock market.

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make some changes to your business plan so that you can put away 40k each year

and he’s back…:wink:

Humm, to start with numbnuts don’t usually have 40k.

But I’m surprised that people didn’t just list their wish list from the WCR store. 40K = 5 vans + WFP equipment + New gear for 10 cleaners. You could use that money to expand your business and try and take home a bigger paycheck every year.

But seriously, look up Dave Ramsey, download his podcast and he’ll give you some ideas. He’s also got some recommended local providers for various services including financial advice.

If you’re looking to get into a house in the next few years there’s not much you can do to safely increase your nest egg. Mutual funds are the way to go, but you should really be in them for the long haul (5+years) and you can reasonably expect 12% on a good set up.

Too risky!!! If it lands on 0 or 00 and can’t forget the Green!

well me and my brother (who is a plummber) have this ego battle going on…
he says any monkey can powerwash and any numbnut can clean a window. lol
i told him any pig or dog can dig a whole in the ground.

Ill triple it for you. one of my guys knows a guy who knows a guy who can do that, just send me the cash in small bills please

Is that the guy from Nigeria? He’s a cool dude.

I totally forgot about the payday loan market. You can make payday loans and charge 200%. You might have to break a couple kneecaps, but forgettaboutit.

I wanna crush Tom Brady

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