The Best Deal Ever.. Seriously

This is a one time thing, never to be seen again… Completely subsidized by the great folks @ IPC

Join the WCRA right now for only $99 bucks and Receive $99 bucks worth of tools from IPC.

Use this special Link -

This is such a good deal it actually angers me that people get to take advantage of it.


Yea we knew people would be angry… But we had to do it just once and it subsidized by IPC as a comp to us. I have already fielded 2 very angry emails. We are in growth mode and determined to grow the membership to 1,000 window cleaners very quickly. A membership that large will benefit all of us in the long run. It will enable us to get into insurance benefits and other things like that that are currently out of reach to smaller organizations.

I hope current members understand and still see a great value in the WCRA.

I am a little jealous but the value of being in the WCRA far outweighs me saving a couple bucks. The marketing materials alone, and cheap printing.

Plus its a good way to introduce new members who are on the fence. New people have new ideas.

I would only be ****ed if no one took him up on this deal really.

[MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] Was totally kidding man.

Two angry emails??? Sheesh, if some people would worry about their business as much as they do insignificant crap, they’d be millionaires

Just purchased the great deal. Thanks wcra and ipc

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Wow, that is a great deal. Edit: Does this deal apply to me too?


of course!

Early members need a gift :slight_smile:

Sold, Finally a deal I just had to say yes to. Thanks fellas!

I was upset when I thought I was getting the lite membership but when I found out I was getting the standard I was very happy great value at the $199 price I paid(on sale also). I don’t quite know how the downloads work yet and wish I could get that figured out so I can take advantage of my membership and also wish there were a few other things to download and more perks but it sounds like by adding more members you plan on adding more benefits for the members which is to be applauded.

And no I didn’t send either of those two e-mails.

I’m up for renewal soon. Can I get the same deal?

I had no intention on joining. But [B]do[/B] intend to pick up responsebid for a year.

The two still go ‘hand in hand’ with this arrangement, right?

  • I know about the June 1st changes, and I realize it’s being “subsidized” by IPC…just making sure.

If so… you just kicked my ass in regards to savings and more important “value!”

Deal was just to good not to join. So we did.

How long does this last? The deal?

yep the Responsibid deal is good till the last day of may.

I think it says “This weekend only”

Yea you could sign up with this deal and them your old account lapse



this weekend