The next big thing at the WCRA

We have released a lot of cool things this year at the WCRA…

[]New discount programs, actual $ off products you actually use. Customer Factor / Responsibid
]Dozens of new Post Cards
[]Member map directory
]@ Cost printing
[*]New Marketing Packets

Our next big project will be WCRA pages. Each WCRA member will essentially get a editable page of their own right here on WCR.


http://windowcleaningresource .com/[B]Sussex-County-NJ

The hope is to capitalize off WCRs tremendous SEO and give you a custom landing page for your business. If you rank # 1 for your area, this will probably put your WCRA page in around the #2 spot a couple weeks after launch.

So basically you’ll get your own mini high ranking one page website.

How will we handle members who are in the same area now? Im not totally sure yet but we will grandfather you in and find a way to split it up. After launch it will be on a first come first serve basis.

[]Project Completion Date? – Unknown / sometime in 2012
]Guaranteed SEO – NO - there are no guarantees (but I have a good feeling about it)
[]How will you manage your page? – Im not sure yet - Possibly a custom CMS or WP install
]My idea? – NO 2 sharp WCRA members came up with it.

PWRA members too? This sounds like something along the likes of ( no criticism, just trying to get an understanding )

That is awesome Chris! I got dibs for St Louis! You did say first come first serve lol.

There are just too many benefits you guys offer with WCRA for the actual cost. We pay peanuts in comparison to what we get with our membership. It’s a no Brainerd everyone should join, just not here in St Louis. Lol

Thank you Chris!!

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Yep PWRA members as well…

No not really like no where near as elaborate. Just a page you can do what you want with. You can piggy back off our good rankings. You could use it as a little splash page to you real site or whatever you want really.

Who had San Diego first me or Tory haha

You two can figure it out after me!!

Is San Diego considered 1 county?

MORE awesome benefits from WCR inside the WCRA? Very cool, sounds nice. Thanks to the WCRA members for the idea and a bigger thanks to you Chris for bothering to implement it.

Yep only a total 4 counties in all of so Cal 25 million people. Back east I know the counties are smaller and plentiful

This is an awesome idea Chris, nice!

Phoenix AZ for me Chris! :wink:

This brought a tear to my eye. A single tear of joy :slight_smile:

“after launch” first come first served, to all you claimers out there!

Thanks, guys for always improving the value of WCRA.

Well have to split San Diego up into different areas

I claim San Diego.
And Savannah.


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Awesome!! Thanks Chris and all who help make the wcra the best window cleaning association I have ever been a part of! :slight_smile:

thanks chris, looking forward to it!

Ill take St. Charles County in Missouri.