The Scrim is IN

Thanks to Karl for shipping me out my scrim sample. Im anxious to give it a try.

// on Flixwagon - YouTube


Just shake off the donkey hairs first :stuck_out_tongue:

Does that have anything to do with the trip to TJ that Linda mentioned?

Hard to tell much from the video…but TY for the effort. Taste it. :slight_smile:


We have been playing with it all morning. Just shot a little video… It’ll be up soon. It looks pretty decent. Its hard to say for 100% with out actually using it in the field for a couple of days.

Alex thought the large size of it was a little cumbersome. I prefer a larger towel as I was trained to use a bath towel.

// Cleaning Resource's first look at Scrim - YouTube

ps. seths hat is my new favorite[/CENTER]

I want two.

I have gotten used to the chamois and prefer the larger size. it did take some time…but now, I like it more.

I think WC’ers are adaptive folk and if tried, may very well prefer the scrim.

No matter what…I want two.

I’m loving my scrim more each day. Today I got the hang of using it for detailing pole work. It was great. I also figured out how to take it off my shoulder and w/ a little twist quick wrap it around my arm. Reverse the motion to put it back on my shoulder. I need 3 more and I’ll be set. Thanks again Karl!

I used mine to strangle a guy trying to take the parking spot I saw first (I think.)

Note to self - Don’t take Larry’s parking space!:eek:

You thought

  1. You strangled him
  2. YOU saw the ‘spot’ first.
  3. you saw the spot ‘first’.
  4. it was the scrim you used
  5. he is dead.
  6. HE is dead
  7. You used yours
  8. it was YOU who used it
  9. the dead guy was trying to ‘take’ the scrim
  10. it was a ‘spot’ he/you saw

the list goes on. Please share OJ what YOU meant with: (I think)

Holy long list Philman!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Number 2. Maybe number 3. Yeah – number 3. I posted that for an added measure of absurdity. Look what I hooked.

Look guys Larry caught the great white Phil. How you gonna prepare this one Larry?:smiley:

By telling 'bout the one who got away…

You did not answer # 11

Guess I’ll have to Philet it. You Phish phans out there will understand.

I know when I am beat. :slight_smile:

I enjoy our banter. I look forward the day we can have a cup of joe…and talk about politics, soaps and Craig.

Now we’re talking!

Hehe Tony - I carry around 20 in the van. I have a bungee stretched inside and hang the scrims in there for next day use. If they get too manky they go in the bag for a hot wash.
Glad you’re getting the hang of it. Its hard for me to describe how you managed to put so eloquently - “w/ a little twist quick wrap it around my arm.” I manage to do it just round my fore-arm. And you’ve probably discovered to double fold before detailing. I usually just wrap it round the end of the squeegee & detail that way. The squeegee makes the edge real sharp for getting right into the frame & removing all trace of water.

I’ve tried hucks, surgicals, m-fibres, chamois - this is the ultimate cleaning cloth for me - & big enough as a drop towel for residential. I use bigger ones for commercial. The only trouble with scrims is when they are new. They need a few decent washes before they are usable - the ones I’ve sent out I’ve run them in so they are ready out the bag. Just be pre warned when they finally are available over in the US.