Tips for knocking on doors

a friend and i are starting a window washing business on the weekends and we’re going to go knock on doors this sat. do you have any tips on what we should say? what is the best kind of neighborhood to start in?

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Be prepared, stand back from the door, relax, and smile. Try to find out if they actually need something rather than try to sell them something. They will pick up on your attitude either way. Be prepared for 25 no’s for every yes.

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Knocking on doors is how I built the bulk of my business. It is great because you can target your market. Personally I go to a neighborhood that looks like they pay for things to be done. You can always tell when the grass and landscaping has been done professionally. 55+ communities are great around me. Make sure you will have the right equipment to reach all of the windows and capability to finish the job in a reasonable amount of time.

Also, very important factors would be to look presentable (clean shaven, polo maybe khakis, bring a calendar book maybe leather bound to look professional and a pen to write information down.)

Examples of what you could say.

“Hi, my name is ____________. I am trying to build my window CLEANING business _________ (name of business, as you hand them your business card) and I was wondering if you would let me give you a free quote”

When they say yes, make sure before you walk around the outside of the house to count the windows you ask for their name. I write it down along with their address that I don’t need to ask them for cause I can look at their mailbox. At that point go around and get your quote when you come back give them the number $ and write it down next to their name. Give them a minute to respond with their feelings on the price and at that point you can schedule apt or they will say let me talk to wife or husband. At that point you say alright great do you mind if I get your phone number as you put your pen to the paper and start writing the goal is for every quote you give at least get their contact information and FOLLOW UP! Most important part is follow up. You are letting them know you are a responsible business person not just somebody walking around knocking on doors. In my experience I schedule about 1 every 15 quotes I give while knocking on doors at that time. And usually close about 2 more during follow up. I’ll give about 50% that answer the door a quote. On Saturday only 60% and set the door. Given that math I only get 1 job for every 48 doors and 2 more with follow up. Not that bad.

After you close a job make sure you name drop to the neighbors as well. That helps a lot!

If you have any other questions let me know.


Someone with facial hair can look just as professional as someone who is “clean shaven”. Some of the most powerful people in the world have facial hair. If he shows up with facial hair, he will look like a boss. BTW, a beard can be a great place to keep invoices and extra business cards.


Professional isn’t always just “image” and physical appearance. I have my throat and all around my neck tattooed, small one on my face and even some of my head… People always tell me how professional I am when I speak and give them an estimate or rundown of the work they’re looking to get done.

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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Great post!

Smile as much as possible…

Wording and knowledge of what you do trumps appearance 9 out of 10 times trust me ;).
That being said you should always respect yourself enough to look “your” best.

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thanks guys, i’m pretty used to talking to strangers since we knock on doors at my current pest control job, but what do you say for window cleaning specificly, what’s your opening line?

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Keep it simple like:
Hi I’m ken from kens window washing I wondered if you were thinking of having your windows washed
…if you’d like a quote for cleaning your windows
…if your looking for a good window washer
…we’re working in this area tomorrow would you your windows cleaned

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Pick an area with a decent income leave nice flyers go back agin every week

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Get Street Bidder; it says it all for you.

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Would people get creeped out knowing someone actually took a picture of their house? Just asking…

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Honestly I cant stand door to door sales people almost as much as telesales people. It says to me that we are trying to force our products upon you, you have never heard of us but we need your work. I would much rather receive a flier with a pic of my house on it with a quote provided… after all, all you have to do 99% of the time is look the damn thing up on google maps, ss the pic and ur good.


It is a necessary evil. When things are quiet, I will walk through an upscale neighbourhood and knock on every door. I offer a fair price on outside window cleaning to peak their interest. If they say no thank you, I leave them a card and thank them for their time.

I always have success in November when competitors aren’t around.

If no one is home, I just leave a card.

Last week I did this, and booked a $400.00 job two days later.

Alan Karr
Window Kare

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The thing from you’re post I noticed is that your going to knock on Saturday. When are you planning to perform the work? If it takes you until say three o’clock to get your first one how much time does that leave?
My suggestion is to knock during the week and schedule for the weekend. Arrive bright eyed at eight o’clock Saturday morning and do it to it. People washing Windows on a Saturday morning attract a lot better attention then some door to door guy selling window washing can. Have your teepee sign out so people know you are in fact for hire and get the contact info of interested folks.

this was from a year and a half ago

thoughts on your experience since then?

Must Havre popped up in the bottom as suggested reading. How did it go? Apparently it was ok, your still here.

hey steve
how are you creating flyer?
how are you sending the flyer?
what is ss the pic?
how does looking it up on google get you in contact with the customer?
what kind of response rates are you getting?
serious question’s