Tony/ Mistersqueegee and Sponges

I’ve been using natural sea-sponges for my entire time as a window cleaner…A few times I’d switch over to synthetic sponges that tile layers would use but I’ve alway have been a big booster for sea-sponges.

Well this weekend while in Walmart I saw that aquadry towel that you were talking about, and so I bought one just to see if would work nearly as good as a sea-sponge.

I’m always open to new things that work but I’m not about to go out and buy every new tool just to see if it will work, no sense in wasting money.

Most times when I do buy something to check it out, I can know within that day if it will be worth buying it as part of my working tools…Sort of like the stabilizer bar,the Ledger, DI tanks,wag tail angle arm, bucket on the belt (PULEX),belt bottle and so on and so forth.

[B][SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“navy”]BUT THIS AQUADRY THING…[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]Well Tony I tried it out today all day and I kinda liked it…It seems to be very absorbent and it worked fairly well.I mean I can always tell if something is worth it and I think this may be worth it.

I still need to get use to it with the muscle memory and I need to see what kind of life it will have, But for today I’ll have to give it an [B][COLOR=“navy”][SIZE=“3”]A[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B].

Now only time will tell if this will be a permanent tool in my arsenal of tools but as of today I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Thanks Tony !

Dange / Always ready to Change…

PS…Always being ready to be ADVANCED is a plus for window cleaners, So I think yawl should try TSP just to test its ability at its cleaning powress ! And I think WCR should sell it !

I’m glad you’re enjoying it D. I use about one a year, of course in the winter it freezes to quick to use so I use a spare scrim for a couple months. In nicer temps you shouldn’t have that problem. I like that I can wring it out when it gets to saturated and hangs like a towel so it’s easy to carry.

You know Tony I been thinking about it all night and I can hardly wait for tomorrow. A whole year though ? In Seattle we’ve been having it pretty, pretty, pretty mild this winter so far. The last two weeks we’ve been in the low 50’s. it always pretty mild here …

It’s a beautiful State ! The landing place for Lewis and Clark ! Plus the ocean is right next door to Seattle and we are surrounded by beautiful Mountain ranges. Mt. Rainier is right in our back yard…

This business about the rain is BS, we only get 31 inches a year…Portland and northern California and New York state get more then we do !


I use it all the time and as I said there are just under 3 months where I switch to a second scrim because of temps so you could say 9 months easy before needing a new one. I paid about $5 for mine so it’s really cost effective. I should also add the fact that we do a ton of wfp work so if you do all traditional work it may only last you 6 months. I’m sure it varies from person to person.

Tony go back and read my post before this one ! Thanks again Tony…


I’m interested to know how long your’s lasts. Let me know.

Will do…

My wife bought me a PVA towel from Walmart “Ultra-Absorbent PVA”. Is this the same thing? The towel is 3 sq. ft in size and comes in a plastic container. Feels kinda rubbery and damp but holds a great deal of water. Takes a little getting used to. I’d only use is to wipe up on smooth surfaces as i feel it could get damaged too easy. Well, we’ll see how long this thing lasts. :wink:

It’s similar Mark. They are both PVA towels. I know they feel like they are easy to damage but I use mine on all surfaces and it holds up. Of course the more rough surfaces the quicker it wears out.




Dange / The Meticulous


Just updating you…

Today I did a job that when I first did it, I did it in 4 hours… After about the 2nd time I was able to get down to 31/2 hours and that’s the fastest I was able to do it after 1 1/2 years of doing it.

I first started it at 200.00/ 50 an hour…When I got it down to 3.5 then I was making 58 an hour.

Well today I did that job and I used THAT FUNKY Aquadry Thingy and well…The job
took me only 3 hours going at the same even pace as I always did and I didn’t watch me watch to see if I was making time.I’m now going to make 67 an hour !!!

Well today I sliced off another 1/2 hour, " WAGH " ! I never once took my sponge out of my bucket and I used the Aqua-Towel only.I must say it had to of been the Aqua towel that put me over the top…There can be no other reason !

I also never took any of may BOYS (Natural Sea-Sponges) out of my bucket today, all day today and I could hear them crying up at me " [SIZE=“1”]COME an GET US oh MASTER "SON OF ETTORE…OH PLEASE COME and RETRIEVE us OH MASTERFUL " SON OF ETTORE ". [/SIZE]

You know I just ignored them and there howling from the bucket… Now mind you TONE-MAN, I’m still apt to use my boys, because I’m still waiting to see if this funky Towel is going to make the grade, but right now it’s at the first camp level of the "SON OF ETTORE " mountain top. There are still several high levels to go but it has made progress and progressed real fast for right now !

Dange-Man / Reporting in, and signing out…over and out !

That’s awesome D. I hope it continues to work well for you.

Hey Dangerous,
Thank you for posting this thread. Like yourself I’ve been using sea sponges for many years. Don’t know how the other guys can work without one.
I like Tony and Mark and take their suggestions very seriously. However because neither one of them cut their teeth in this industry using a sea sponge I threw their PVC pick up cloth recommendation right out the window. Please keep us all up to date on your final decision. If this thread falls off the front page I’d really appreciate an update from you. You have my ear on this topic. Sorry Mark. Sorry Tony. Hope we’re still friends :slight_smile:

Don’t be such a t*******, Mike. A PVA towel is only about $5. Pick one up and try it for yourself.

we’re still friends but for now you’re off my Christmas card list.:mad:

As for the sponge technique…My biggest pet peeve is the constant contact with water. My hands generally get very dry and chapped in the winter anyways so the idea of grabbing a sponge and ringing it out over and over throughout the day is quite unappealing. I gave it a shot but a PVA or my beloved shamwow requires a lot less ringing out and I carry it through a hammer hook on my belt.


Let him do things his way, and you do things your way ! Practice what you preach Mr. Laczko, and please show respect for those who are genuinely showing true friendship and honor to others here !


You have such a way with words.

Are we WCR friends? I think we are. By the way have you read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie? Ha Ha

I took Larry’s comments as a friendly jab. I’m sure he meant it that way.

Of course we’ve friends, Mike. Here and elsewhere. Friends tell friends when they’re tightwads, eh?

BTW, if it’s not on a reading list by Paul or Kevin…