Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Q's by a Customer or Potential Customer

Hey everybody…
I am in need of a little help.
I am trying to put together a newsletter to send out to my email contacts. One of my ideas is putting together a most commonly asked questions or FAQ section…
so here’s where I need you!
I have come up with just a handful of common questions, but I need more.
Can you guys help me?
The questions can relate to window cleaning, gutter cleaning, or pressure washing.
Thank YOU!!!

The #1 question I get from potential customers is:

“How much do you charge per window?”

There’s an FAQ in the residential section of my website that might give you a few ideas, I’m thinking of more to add as well so I look forward to what else you all suggest.

How soon can you be here?

Do I (the customer) have to be home?

Is phil single?

second to “how much”

“how long will it take you”

the third would have to undoubtedly be
"Is phil single?"
but those are asked by the 70+ ladies looking for a boy toy :smiley:

"Do you do insides too? is our most asked question. For some reason in this area, most people don’t realize all the things that services can do for them. I am taking it upon myself to inform and educate anyone who will listen.

Do you clean the tracks and screens? Seems like lately our clients are more concerned about everything that is not glass.

wow you guys are great. why the hell i couldn’t think of these i do not know. must be old age!
thanks. keep 'em coming!
if you all are interested i’d be glad to share the final list.

The final list would be sweet!

can you watch my kids I will be write back???

yea the watching the kids part ranks right up there with “while you’re up there…?”

“can you come to my house?” I hear that one every day. I sure hope it’s to clean windows

my reply is “just tell me where and when and I’m there”…most people laugh…I see no humor in that:p

I’m always informed of what kinda car they’re driving, and then asked if I’ll wash their car windows, or sometimes even the whole car. Alwasy in a kidding tone.

The second is “you missed a spot!”

Some people just don’t get it.

You lost me man.

ugh, the “my car is right over there…”, or the “you missed a spot”

do they think they are the first to dream up such whimsy

I had a “can you hang up this moose head since you have the ladder out already”…

yeah, that’s a true story

I once had a woman ask me to wash her car windows while I was packing up my van after washing the home of my daughter’s piano teacher (she had just arrived for her son’s appointment.)

Can you say waiver (j/k)?

I hear that at least 50 times a day! I just want to take my bucket and slam that person in the head…