Trailer mounted WFP

Very interested in a smaller trailer setup for using WFP. I office out of my home and storage gets to be a issue. Anyone use a trailer setup that holds water machine ready to be connected to water supply or even an optional water holding tank on board?

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There is tons of information that you looking for is this section that you posted in.
And check out this category
Any kind of setup that people have you can transfer their setup to a trailer it really simple , you just need to find the slick set up you like and that will match your truck ( :wink: )

Plus one :wink:

But seriously, I think a trailer is overkill for a wfp setup, unless you’re doing huge commercial jobs with no on-site water, and you have to bring a big tank.

You could make a ‘mini skid’ tank setup that could slide into the back seat, or fit somewhere else on your rig. 35-40 gallon tank with pump, small hose reel, and 1/4" air hose. Job done!


The last company I worked for had several WFP trailers they had within each a 300 or 500L tank an intake plumbing with a carbon/sediment, then a RO filter to a DI then it filled the tank. I think the boss payed around 20-25k per trailer good work to get into making them up and collecting 10k in profit

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What rear door or side door be preferrence for location of permenant hose reel in covered trailer?

Rear door or side door?

Most commonly see rear mounted but blocks the opening so much.

Would side door be a burden for connection or running hoses to building from that side only?

Wfp trailer setup, Been using it and waiting to see how current setup works for awhile to put some final accessories on.


That setup is nice, but the water tank should be over the axles. He’s asking for trouble with it where it is.
The hose reel where it is, is limiting himself to only using it on the side its on (which is why most have it in the back or go underneath the rig with a hole in the floor to pull hose from to go easily in any direction.

I think thats a wells cargo trailer. They are pretty slick. I like that you can stand up straight inside it too. He’s got his stacks pretty nicely put away against the wall. Can’t really do that on most.

I went to a custom truck shop for wiring battery source for charging. They stated the weight of tank is within limits for my trucks tongue weight but could cause some trailer sway when towing. Positioning above axels can be preferred but would kill layout and ease of access for such limited use.

Hose reels coming off of one side only was thought about. There is no job I cant pull up to in either direction, so no problem there. Again that placement came from layout efficiency.

At this time water tank will be used about 1 week a year. Main purpose was for trailer was to have all wfp stored in one location and to make setup on site efficient.

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I like the setup, but something like that won’t work for me where I am. Not enough driveway for that.

I like that hose reel you have through the side door. You did a nice job on that, and making it swivel was pretty slick.

How cold are the temps when you run WFP? I won’t run mine below 40.

P.S. I like your YouTube channel. Great videos there. Keep up the good work.

Nice trailer! I’ve always preferred enclosed trailers or vans to keep everything protected from the elements and from spying eyes.

This is the current set up in my van.

I have the hose reels coming out the back.

My other vehicle is a box truck and I have the reels coming out the sides. I don’t think I prefer one way over the other.


If you kept it empty it also wouldn’t be an issue unless you’re driving with it. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bottomed out going over a slight dip, or not even seeing one, with a full tank on that area of the trailer, it’ll be much worse.

Seth that is super pimp!
Did you make those cut outs yourself?

Thanks! Yes, bought the access doors off of eBay and installed them myself.


I was looking for something like that for a long time. If I get another trailer I’m doing something similar for sure.
I seen a video not long ago about one of the UK guys’ van setup, had the hoses on a swivel mount he made himself, went thru a cut out in the van AND it was motorized and rolled up nice and neat too.

I pushed 25 degrees few weeks ago. Thats about the lowest worth trying. Once started cant stop freeze up

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Jeff could I get the specks on the swivel mount and rails you are using please ? Currently have a side by side looking to stack em

Thanks in advance

I like your box truck, is it for residential?

Gas must be ridiculous.

My you tube channel was the easiest way for me to send pics or videos to upload elsewhere.

Since you saw some of my videos, my talent is surly windows, not videos or editing. lol

I dont care for watching people clean windows to music or be in the video but wanted to simply post information to assist in getting windows cleaned efficiently. Also to see what equipment is truly useful.

We all do the same job but with many variations.


This is true, but I like the way you make videos.

Here is the “thing” I want to show you. The end.

I like that, rather than making it some type of production, or lookin’ down your nose at the “pleebs” that are watching your video. They are to the point and not some long winded BS with the guy making the video taking all day in front of the camera to love themselves.

I have stuff to do. Getting to the point is GREAT!