Unger Indoor Pure Water Kit-Help Needed

Just wondering if anyone has a fool proof method for using the Unger Indoor Pure Water Pad system? I have used on a large commercial job with good success. Works great for reaching over desks and working on stairs. The first time I used it I did have to go back and touch up a few windows due to some real faint streaking visible in direct sunlight.

I tried using the kit yesterday on a customers home with some real tall windows in a great room. I cleaned the windows with a strip washer and squeegee last year. This year I decided to try out the Unger pad system so I would not have to set up my ladder in their house. At first it looked like the windows came out great. Later in the day when the sun came around to that side of the house I could see that the windows actually came out very smeary. I tried re-doing a few of them with some clean pads but no success, I could not get rid of the smears. So I ended having to bring the ladder in a squeegee them all. A few questions:

  1. What method has everyone been using for this system? I have typically been applying Sprayaway foaming glass cleaner to the green pad and cleaning the glass and letting it dry. I have them been applying a slight mist of 70% pure water/30% isopropyl alcohol to the light green pad a lightly polishing the windows. Can’t remember who suggested this. Should I just be using 100% pure water?

  2. The customer with the smeary windows had a fireplace in the great room. Could this have contributed to the smearing.

  3. What is the recommended way to clean the Unger pads? I would imagine they need to be 100% free of dirt and soap so that the pads are not causing any issues.

Thanks for any advice you guys can offer.

the first time I used mine it turned out great, the next time not so much. It kept leaving smears. I use DI water in a spray bottle. I think I may have figured out what works for me though. I first use the the fluffy green pad to clean the window (dust, etc…) then I use the polishing pad.

I spray DI water on the first pad, and use the second pad dry.

BTW how do you clean these pads? do you have any Idea?

Keeping your mix to mostly or entirely pure water is best. As you know pure water will not spot or smear. if you are getting smears then it is something else on the glass. perhaps you are bringing up soap residue from past mop/squeegee cleans. Also the fireplace scenario makes me think that there is still smoke residue on the glass.

As for Sprayway, I feel results are too hit n miss to be able to recommend it unless you are real nose to glass cleaning and can assure your polishing/buffing is sufficient.

Hey mark,

How do you clean the pads themselves, could I just throw them in the washer? what do you recomend?

I’ve been washing them by hand actually and hanging them to dry. It has worked out so far. I’m just afraid of picking up any other contaminants(sp) onto the pads.


thanx I’ll try that.

BTW. Do you wash them with a soap and water solution, pure water… what exactly?

Thanks for the replies guys. Looks like I’ll try switching over to just pure water. I have been washing mine by hand too with minimal soap. I then run them through the washing machine with no soap to rinse them out and then air dry. I am still paranoid they are not clean enough or have soap or dirt left in them some how. Anyone have any better ideas for washing them?

Hot water and a micro squirt of Ecover. Followed by a thorough rinse. Tedious I know but so ar so good.

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To use pure water with this system, is it assumed you already have a filtration system for a wfp? Because I haven’t made the transition yet but would still like to use this system in the future as it seems like quite the time saver. Do I just buy distilled water jugs and use that? Is there another way to get pure water without the investment?

Distilled water would be sufficient I would think. Sometimes you can buy ro/di water from an aquarium store

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I just clean them in the washing machine. Once cycle with soap and a second one with no soap. That’s how I have been doing my towels for years.

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Personally, I’d probably just buy distilled water. 1 gallon will last quite a while.

yup, bought distilled water is fine.

I still don’t get how they can clean with pure water if they are dirty from being used so many times. I wash mine each time that I use them, but they are stained. They work fine when using Zep, but I doubt they would be good enough for pure water without leaving streaks. Maybe I am over thinking this.

I put my Unger pads in the washing machine with minimal soap along with a scrim and recycled medical towels using a lower amount of soap. I let them air dry along with the scrim. No problems and no extra work.

I like my Unger kit, just wish the polishing pad had better glide on the glass, once you get at high windows and your trying to just buff the glass with the polish pad it really sticks and its hard to mover around

Mist very lightly and you’ll get better glide.

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Lots of good info. Thanks for sharing everyone. I am thinking that indoor pure water is a good way to go for my larger recurring commercial clients. How often do you need to change the wash and polish pads while cleaning? How many do I need to invest in to ensure that I will have enough to get through the bigger jobs.

I have like 6 polishing pads and 5-6 fluffy pads. I wash them each time I use them. They look stained but they still work well. But then again, I use Zep, not DI.

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purified water is what water stores sell, just buy a big jug cheap. (well really expense compared to making your own but way cheaper than distilled in a small bottle.