Unger Microfiber Sleeve

[COLOR=Blue]I just purchased an Unger microfiber sleeve to try out. Currently we use the Blue Max on the outsides and a Monsoon on the inside windows. What is the advantage of the microfiber? Does anybody else switch sleeves for ins/outs? Any input on this method or the sleeves that we are using?


The Green Unger Microfiber sleeves last forever in my opinion and are my sleeve of choice. Although the Ettore Porcupine sleeve is a very close second but they don’t hold as much water. I don’t change sleeves for in or out but I do give them a thorough rinse whenever I change my bucket water or move from outside to inside. This is for residential. When I used to do store fronts I hardly ever changed my water or rinsed my sleeves.

My thoughts mirror those of Seth. I use Monsoons outdoors on those storefronts with large amounts of glass, but never indoors (to control drips – Monsoons are larger in circumference than Unger green microfibers, and I use a BOAB.)

By design, microfiber material is engineered to [I]clean with less water, less streaking, and less effort. Used wet or dry, tiny fibers penetrate small irregular surfaces and pull out dirt (and even remove bacteria.) Highly absorbent, long lasting and durable, they can be machine washed and dryed (I only air-dry) 500+ times.[/I]

I consider micro-fibre sleeves to be over-rated because of their poor water retention performance vs. the Monsoon.

Monsoon all the way, in & out. BOAB user too.

My preferences, anyway.

[COLOR=Blue]I like the Monsoon for insides but for exteriors we use something with a scrubber element. I need the scrubber so often that I couldn’t see not having one.[/COLOR]

Have you tried the Ettore Porcupine sleeve?

Or Pulex MicroTiger?

Now ya talking…I don’t use much else.

[COLOR=Blue] No, but I am definitely going to check it out![/COLOR]

unger microfiber sleeve is best sleeve ive ever used in my opinion. I just like how it rinses. But i will say, on really hot days doing exteriors, you cannot beat the unger monsoon. Pulex microtiger is up there too, especially when you have those foggy greasy windows inside a smokers house or a restaurant.

I use the Pulex microfiber and it’s the best in my opinion. I also love the new Micro Tiger from Pulex.

I have not tried a microfiber I liked. I really do not like the Unger.

For outdoors, the Porcupine comes in very handy, but does not hold a lot of water. If I happen to do some high pole work, I use a Monsoon (or similar)

CFP, I agree on the dislike of microfibers and I use a wilger sleeve.

Why do you dislike microfiber washers?

they do not hold water or agitate dirt very well… why do you like them?

[COLOR=Blue]Well, I have used the microfiber on several jobs now and I can honestly say that I am really not impressed. There is poor water retention and scrubbing isn’t any better than any other sleeve that I have used.

I’m not sure what the benefit is supposed to be.


I find they agitate dirt well, though I haven’t tried that many other washer washers.

I started with Unger microfibers when I began my business. I have also tried their “standard” and Monsoon (I use/like their retention ability on certain jobs) sleeves.

I have used Pulex microfiber washers and find that they push certain debris (such as retail clothing store cloth lint) around to my frustration. I also use Pulex MicroTigers on certain accounts, but at times dislike the added drag across the glass they provide.

I just received some Ettore Porcupines last night in an order from Tom at Supply.

Can you offer some product reviews – I’m open to trying new (to me) products.

I agree with that statement. We had alot of issues with the microfibers last summer (over 30 days of above 90 degree weather). Lots of call backs from customers about residue left over A.K.A dried soap. We use boab as well. Microfibers just would not hold the water to keep the glass wet. I pulled every one that we had and went back to the monsoon scrubber- no complaints at all. It also was hard training with them for that reason. New guys are slow as it is to begin with.


[FONT=“Arial”][SIZE=“4”]At the risk of sounding like an uneducated oaf… What is a BOAB???[/SIZE][/FONT]

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