Unger Ninja? Yay or nay?

So I’ve been doing research and am in love with the look of the ninja BUT I need some feed back from folks who have bought and used it. Buying the ninja means buying a new belt bucket because the clips on the channel are too big for my current belt bucket (standard ettore bucket) Before I invest in the belt, belt bucket and squeegee I wanna know it’s a good investment. New squeegee means new main equipment because I’m the kind of dude where my belt, bucket, squeegees and scrubber etc all have to match in color and brand and I currently use ettore everything.

I like my 30" Ninja. No complaints.


It’s a great handle the channels sturdy the end clips egh…

The are a few good threads and video’s on the ninja in the archives, search ninja handles and channels.


What kind of tools are you currently running?

I’m all about the ocd thing, but seriously, if you mix and match you’ll get a better gear setup.

  1. Belts - the ONLY belt I’ll use is the Tuff Belt. Those things are awesome and you never ever ever have to worry about the buckle breaking.

  2. Boab - I like the ninja boab with a modification. In a pinch I’ll use the pulex boab, but the ettore ones are just way to narrow for my tastes.

  3. Squeegees - I like the ettore hands down. I’m all about the ettore stainless channels (I don’t like widebody) and pro handle. That said, the ninja handle does feel very good but I can’t really comment on the channel other than to say a lot of people don’t like it.

  4. I like the ettore scrubber handles, but pulex is fine too. I just like the swivel action. I don’t care for unger green handles because they’re too small for my hands. If the ninja mop is like the ninja squeegee handle then it would be pretty sweet.

  5. Poles, the ettore pole suck. The interloc ones always come apart and glue doesn’t seem to help. The unger optiloc and moreman poles are way better.

  6. The only razor that I’d recommend is the ninja. I used the triumphs for a long time, but they just don’t sit flat. The ninjas are super sweet and the unger razors a lot better than the triumph blades. I keep my blades away from water and the triumph blades still get rusty. I can use an unger razor on the glass and come back a few months later and the blade still looks good.


I agree with everything you said @JaredAI except I’ve never heard anything good about Moerman poles. Do you use one? I definitely love Unger poles.

I use the Ninja boab, scraper and I just picked up an 18 and 36 inch ninja channels. I love them. I love the weight and consistency of the channels.

  • I also have my moerman liquidator, which I use a lot as well. Depends on my job/ windows.

. @JaredAI has it right. The Unger blades are great for rust protection.
They last way longer than any 2inch blade that I use for showers. Usually they rust right away…these 4 inch Unger blades have been great.

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Yeah, then you’ll like the moerman ones. The unger tip is too big to use with ettore handles. But if you’re using unger handles, then stick with the unger. They’re about the same, just tip differences.

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I use my Unger Ninja’s for Commercial only. I like the handles and channels, but the clips are constantly releasing the rubber even with my ninja boab. I bought the first generation channels, so not sure if this is still an issue. Other than that they have a good solid feel and work well for me.

I have older and newer. The newer ones never move on me. I can go all day a thousand windows and never have to readjust the rubber


In 7 years, never had a problem with them. I have a review shot and waiting for editing.


i love my ninja channels @Bubble_Guys videos also have been a great help

Not trying to thread jack, but am I doing wrong that my ninja channel clips keep releasing the rubber. I literally bought these the day they came out. Is there a new channel design? As stated before I bought the ninja boab to help eliminate the issue.

When are they releasing?

Are you wiping the blade dry with a rag?

Not wiping with a rag. My best guess is when I remove it from the boab. The clips feel loose, did they redesign the clips?

Yeah, I remember the first run people had a lot of problems with the end clips. But it seems like they’ve fixed that problem.

Yes, you may want to buy the newer channels.


18 in super channel and two master brass 12 and 6 inch stay on my belt. I also have a 24 inch channel for my super channel but it only comes out when I’m doing big windows, I am fond of the 18 for most jobs regardless for some reason. Ettore sidekick is what bucket I use to holster my tools. It’s actually a nice set up but I’ve been running them all for quite some time and i guess I’m just itching for something new.

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Bad ass man! Yea I’m not a huge fan of the ettore poles either by the way. The twist release gives up after so long and there’s nothing worse than trying to use the pole and it collapses mid window. As far as ettore squeeeges, I’ve always been ettore since day one. My super channel has been really good to me, we have made a lot of money together ha ha. I will definatley look into a few of these things you said.

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