Unger or ettore?

I am trying to select which brand to buy, unger or ettore is any one significantly better than the other?

much less probs w/ ettore. my experience. someone else may say differently.

I like Unger tools better, but prefer Ettore rubber.

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what type of problems?

what do you like better about unger?

I like the way the ergo tech squeegee fits in my hand.

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I agree with Chris. I use Unger ErgoTec 14" squeegee with Ettore rubber. The Unger squeegee is light and feels great to the hands. The pre-cut Ettore (the best) rubber is perfect size for the Unger channel. 1/16th of an inch sticks out of each side of the Unger “S” channel without having to be trimmed. That’s a handy time saving plus.

In the big picture though, I think anybody who limits themselves to only one brand of tools is losing out on the benefit of some great tools. I use tools and supplies from Ettore, Unger, Pulex, an

None of these companies makes the best of everything. But each of these companies do have certain tools that you will definitely favor over the other company’s versions of the same tool.

Over time you may try different brands of tools and decide for yourself. For the most part it’s personal preference but there are a few tools that many folks agree on for certain applications. For example, a Pulex Micro Fiber sleeve is very beneficial for indoor use because it holds the solution well and doesn’t drip as badly as most other sleeves. Read all that you can on this forum and other forums and you’ll pick up tips about tools and methods from the experts. Try them and then decide for yourself.


Same here, but with the XL size handle.

I guess i will just have to pick a brand and try it out. I am quite sure i will get used to whatever my choice is.

I use unger ergotechs for resi and commercial. Sometime on commercial ill bustut not that often. For poling inside i use the unger 0 degree swivel squeegee. And for poling outside i use the ettore backflip.

You don’t have to settle on a choice – you can try other products along the way and continue to evaluate for yourself.

I’d have to agree with this for the most part. However, I’m falling in love with the Contour Pro+ Handle from Ettore. I believe my review on it will be posted next week.

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yeah mang, that handle aint to bad…

I use Ettore for resi work. I like the smaller brass handles. I can “cut in” and “fan” more precisely with them.
For commercial work uicksilvers. They are built like a tank. The aluminum channels are far more durable if you accidentally drop one.

Both Ettore and Unger make good squeegees. Both make a Ergo design that fit nicely in you hand. Ettore “traditionally” makes a better squeegee. I’m a traditionalist :slight_smile: Unger tools always looked cheaply made in my opinion.

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I was referring to the rubber squeegee problem. I have equipment from unger but the rubber from unger I have problems with.

I would definitely get the Contour Pro + handle. It may be almost double the price as other decent handles but it can do the job of many of them.

Contour Pro + Is Awesome because

  1. It has a deep ledge
  2. Its swivel
  3. It instantly converts to a Zero ˚
  4. Its ergonomic
  5. You can quickly change channels so you dont have to carry several squeegees
  6. It’s great for poling

Yes, I find the Unger rubber to burn out prematurely. I too prefer Ettore rubber.

My latest setup is this. Ettore Contour Pro+ handle, Unger channel(s) of various sizes, Ettore rubber (held in place with half an ettore clip, one side only).

In the past my fav setup was Unger handles, Unger channels, Ettore rubber.

yeah essay, i find that unger rubber burns easy, but it’s hot down here so maybe it would work better in cooler place up north.

ettore overall is a good brand, mang

Have you used both Unger hard and soft compounds?