Unger stopped selling scrim towels?

Fell in love over the last few years with the scrim towel. I just tried to find some to order and apparently they’re discontinued!

Does anyone know where to find these to buy or know of a towel that is similar?


Admin Update: Scrim Available Again in the USA - https://windowcleaner.com/unger-scrim

Ouch! I hope not, I want to buy another one.

No worries. Perhaps we should try these towels.

I’m a big scrim fan! Perhaps Lee is right and I should ditch the scrim.

Some here have reported good results just buying linen fabric (or even old linen table cloths) and having them hemmed. I bought a yard at joanne fabric recently and had that done. Haven’t had the chance to try them out though. (They even had a sweet black linen but it was out of stock. Woulda been sick with a red hem.)

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Dang I’ve got 3 good scrim in rotation. Now I’ll be dreading every snag and tug on that precious fabric.


I’ve used scrim and blue surgical towels for years but I tried the ones from that video one time while I was working with another window cleaner and they were just like he said, they lasted way longer than surgicals or scrim.

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What brand were those towels in the vid? Had no problem understanding what he said the entire vid outside of when he held up the package and said what was inside. Haha.

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I’ve always only used these kinds of tightly wound microfiber cloths. Unger makes a green version of this blue one. I can’t believe people always use scrims, these work so much better.

I was also very scared, I called window cleaning source out of Quebec, and they said its just under a new skew. Hopefully he is right.

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I just bought scrim towels from window cleaning warehouse.

I’v been using microfibre that is 80% polyester and 20% pokyamide. Takes away any soap I left on the glass and it’s good for scrubbing the excess mess that never came off after mopping.

Only issue I have with it is its only a cloth and I’d like a towel version of it, that’s why I’m trying scrim.

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So far I’ve found microfiber to be absolutely terrible. But i understand there’s a lot of variation so i may just not have gotten the right one yet. Thanks for posting the link.

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If it is a new SKU then they changed something. Might not be so great anymore.

I started with the 16"x16" but now i use the 24"x32" unger. I have the green and also the ninja black one. I use to use hucks for water absorption 1st then if any haze was left finish off with the tight knit unger microfiber. Now ive replaced the hucks with a scrim. Sometimes on commercial glass I just use the scrim but i like to have the microfiber just in case for any haze (if that makes sense) And definitely on residential i finish with the unger always. Fluffy micros are now my sill & frame cloths and they are great for absorbing water & cleaning, just not the best on edges…I dont know if i would just use tight knit micro only like in the wcm video because the scrim seems to dry faster than it but it could just be in my mind :confused: Life is alot easier with reduced detailing by “liquidating” though :smile:

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I am a huge fan of scrim! They work really well and are very durable.


Regular microfiber cloths are terrible indeed to use on the glass. However this type of microfiber is so tightly wound that when you touch the cloth it’s almost like touching a completely smooth surface. The link I left is the type you’ll want to try. Don’t use regular microfiber definitely


according to my supplier in Canada, he said the scrim got changed to the ninja towel. I asked if ti was the same material but he cannot confirm. ill keep ya posted when they get their shipment.

Those are 2 completely different products (different materials.)



Hmmm i have nt heard anything about this over this side of the pond but it scares the crap out of me if they are discontinuing the scrim as its the only cloth i use for work and plus i love them.I cant see myself ever using anything else.I’ll ask my supplier the next time i’m in with him and if its true i shall be purchasing every scrim he has in stock and treating them like newborn babies forever!!


Plus i don’t like microfibre towels i find them to be terrible for detailing and even worse for cleaning up water after i ve cleaned a window,i find myself having to ring out microfibre towels more than a scrim.Only good use i ve had for them is wiping down pvc frames or gutters and fascias…they seem to eat the dirt of them no problem.

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Just received one though the post today.