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Hey everyone,

Longtime reader, first time writer…I wanted to get some updated pricing info for storefronts. I’ve found some older threads with pricing from 2007 that range from $.50 to $2.00. Is that still the going prices?

What are you charging? Outside? Inside? 10 windows + or less than 10? Weekly? Monthly?

That pricing is still about the same nation wide. I have seen some as low as .50 per side and i have seen some people charging $4-5 per side.

It all boils down to what store front market your targeting, mom and pop shop or high end restaurants to high end hair saloons.

You just need to find what the market price is for your area. Make sure you show the value of your service so you can get more per pane then average joe with a mop and squeegee.

Hope this helped. Good Luck out there.

I personally don’t charge a per window price on storefronts, I’ll just take a look at it and see how long it will take me to do the job and price accordingly.

I do have a $10 minimum for storefront work

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[MENTION=36738]JWALL[/MENTION] this is another great way to it ^^^^.

Route or store front service pricing is very subjective depending on what the market will bear in your area based upon your competition and your ability to provide service at a price that is fair to the customer and is fair to you to provide that service. I have always used three basic guidelines for my route pricing; first total number of panes and how high they are. Second, how often the customer wants service (our minimum is monthly). Third, is it part of a multiple, by this I mean is it one of a large chain and can I put in a bid for all locations in my service area. If I can get 10 locations at a slight discount on my regular prices I will do it. ALWAYS look at growing your business not just how much you can make off one stop.

Some things not to use as a factor in determining price. You should never use how fast you can do this as a basis for pricing as you will find that this will vary on weather and whether you will eventually use an employee to clean this location (employees are always slower). Also don’t base it off how close to you the location may be as this will create an inconsistency in your pricing.

Consistency is the key to making route work profitable for you and so that you can pay your employees a good wage to provide quality service.

John Martin
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What kind of time frame are you looking at and type/size of store front when you are doing the minimum charge amount?

Most of the time someone charges a min it means even if there is one piece of glass, customer must pay the min charge.

I’m assuming this is for backing your money in marketing. Interested in seeing if window cleaning veterans do a lot of minimal size jobs and are successful?

Justin Im not sure what you mean…Sorry

Sorry, im very tired…The minimum charge for a store front at ten dollars is securing your time and effort while still making you and your customer happy? How many of these type of minimal charging store front shops do veterans take on?

#If veterans are willing to do a job like that or many, that may give rooks such as my self a giddy up in their hitch. We may and try and get more work and not be so picky and fill up the schedule.

Thanks for rephrasing everything…If you do store fronts you will have small accounts and plenty of them then as your business grows
you will get higher end accounts.

Fill your schedule.

Good Luck.

Fill your schedule, but don’t fill it with low-balled or underpaying jobs.

My first storefront customer was a $10 job, it should be $12-15, but when I started I just wanted the work. That job is still $10 only because I’ve gotten so much work from this customer handing out my cards and recommending me to his friends/family/customers.

Working is great and making money is even better. So don’t just go with “any work is good work” cause you’ll regret it in the future

Mike Radzik

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Hey Mike is that a $10 a wash minimum .

I just use it in case it is just a single window so I can still make money per stop.

Mike Radzik

Pro Window Cleaning

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Absolutely I agree with the minimum . Just trying to understand if it’s a per wash min or a monthly min . For ex: for you if they have one plate an a door an they want weekly window cleaning is that 40 a month

If it were a weekly cleaning on my route I would give them a monthly rate.

Say it was a door and a window outside only, I’d probably bill them $25-30/month… Makes them think they’re getting a discount and I’m not wasting time chasing $5 jobs

Mike Radzik

Pro Window Cleaning

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I stopped charging by the window on storefronts several years ago. I was getting burned because it seems there were lots of obstacles (signs, decks, blinds, customers, etc) that were slowing us down on certain jobs. I now charge about $1 per minute with a $15 min. That is figuring one employee doing the job on a monthly cleaning. I will knock the price down if they commit to bi-weekly or weekly cleaning.

i charge $60 a hour to clean storefronts.
This price leaves the “chaff” to the “other guys”.
While i have to work a little harder to get clients, the ones i get are worth it to me…

I am somewhere in the ballpark of $40-60 per hour. I will estimate a SF based on how long I think it will take me.

That’s smart, definitely creating a refined customer base.
What if you are faster than the average Joe, or slower? How did this factor into your pricing?

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