Video Mug Shots

Just bought a camcorder last week and thought that I’d ad a video mugshot and I encourage others to do so if possible.

// View Window Cleaning Greeting - YouTube

Awesome idea … Good Stuff Mark!

I have been doing nothing other than playing with my camera settings all day. I wish I had something to shoot about now… I hope others do the same as Mark its cool to put a voice as well as a face to an avatar and conversation.

good vid Mark…great idea! I might have to get the camera out too one of these days!

Hey Mark,
good stuff, first glance I thought of Don… :slight_smile:

I might even try that later today, hope I do not scare people away though :frowning:
not as good looking as you or Kevin :cool:


Good stuff - great idea.

I thought the same thing as soon as I played it back. It wasn’t intentional but funny, eh?

Ya Ed, it would be great if more folks could post a vid or two!

[COLOR=black]OK, I’ll post a video to all my peeps at WCR!

// YouTube

Could have been worse, at least the weather was beautiful. Got another long day tomnorrow to finish up! [/COLOR]

Thats a great video Steve!

Thanks for the little shout out. Sorry about the shirt. We only got a few made in one size.

More to come soon I promise.

[COLOR=black]No sweat Alex! Thanks for sending it, my son loves it. [/COLOR]

Great video Steve. Good to see “A day in the life” of a window cleaner. Dealing with the ups and downs of the biz.

Agree…excellent video Steve! Sorry to see you having to do the narley stuff but…it does go with the territory.

Im liking that Avatar Alex…looks like your “Cool Pimpin” with those “Electric’s”:wink:

look at Craig spottin the electrics…

Thanks man, we finished today. I calculated my climbs on that 32’ Werner, and I climbed 1,560 Ft, that’s higher than the Empire State Building if I would have done it all in one shot. I know the comparison doesn’t hold up, but it was a lot of ladder work! [/COLOR]


You have exquisite taste in sun glasses… I like that

So you guys are into fancy sunglasses and watches, Chris and Alex? How Hollywood.:slight_smile:

Not me… I like dollar store sunglasses

and I just got a brand new :wink: Romex for $70

[COLOR=black]Hey Craig, good to hear from you, things must be busy out your way. I hope to touch base with you with you in Atlanta next year. [/COLOR]

Absolutely my friend;) Im looking forward to it!

I can get those here in TEXAS for you for $35.00. And if we hit Matagringos, (Matamoros) you can score 'em for 'bout $20.00.

I know a great place to eat, and South Padre…well…the fishing is awesome!!

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