Video: Tilt & Wash Demo

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So couldn’t you just screw a 1x1 on to the top of a step ladder? What material is that made out of? What am I missing here. I’m really not trying to be mean It just doesn’t seem like anything that couldn’t be easily made yourself. How much does it sell for?

About $60. I’m not incredibly impressed, myself. I usually don’t criticize products before trying them out, but I’ve cleaned hundreds of tilt in windows with no such device. And I personally prefer the windows sloped down when I’m cleaning so that water doesn’t pool on the glass after squeegeeing. Two things that might be useful in cleaning tilt-ins would be (1) a protective pad that can rest on the sill, and (2) an adjustable lever actuated jamb spreader to release the sash from the frame more easily.

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#2 A woodworking bar clamp that can be reversed would be perfect.

LOL $60 for a piece of wood/aluminum wrapped in felt…If this guy spent half as much time on his technique as giving a fancy name to a piece of wood, he might be half decent :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking of trying out the idea. Would a folded terry cloth towel on the top of my step ladder work to protect the window frame?

Yes and also your wallet.

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I almost NEVER tilt the windows in because sometimes they break. Does the wallet comment mean I’ll break more windows if I don’t buy the new gadget? Could you explain?

The product isn’t bad, its more likely targeted @ home owners. It is a piece of wood, that comes with some metal parts to fix it to the ladder firmly.

Tilt n’ Wash

What it come down to is this was made, produced by a fellow window cleaner. If its made by a window cleaner we will carry it and give it a try.

**correction - edit- The material is not wood it is - [COLOR=#333333]PVC cellular[/COLOR]

The guy that made this also made another product thats in production now. We have the prototype at the warehouse and I think folks are really going to love it. Its called the storm station, and should be out in a month or so.

Jebus, if you don’t want to buy it, don’t buy it…

I meant that $60 for a piece of wood and some screws is overpriced.

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Hey Mike. I always place a folded huck towel over the top of my ladder to protect the frame when I fold it in. I have never had a window frame get scratched or anything.
I think it all comes down to what you prefer. This looks like a great product. I am sure some people would find it quite useful.

I make it… and it’s made of PVC cellular. Wood is not as stable over time. The tool is currently shaving 2-2.5 hours off these types of Residential jobs. It works for me…saves my back…saves my feet on ladders…etc…and it helps me in inclement weather conditions. My ladder is hardly coming off my truck nowadays and these windows are everywhere and more to come! The Storm Station is in the works…stay tuned. As far as the comment on my technique…yes I’m working on it…I’m newer gents…:slight_smile:
Critics are in all places folks…peace everyone!

I’ve seen 2 homes with theses type of windows here so far.

Where do you see theses type of windows more? What state ?

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I live in CT…so New England for me anyway!

You are right! I see these types of windows all the time. Your product is a great idea! Wishing you many years of success.

I do like the function of this but I personally do not like to take ladders into homes unless necessary. For tilt windows, I use my belly since I also like to have a positive angle on the window. However, some of these tilt windows will not hold their position and will flop around so a tool could be useful.

I think with a little modification in form, this could be a very useful product.