Wagtail experiance?

I d like to get a Wagtail for some situations. I have no experiance with them and see the different types including the swivel control and the one that flips over an applicator. Can you share your experiance with these ? Thanks

Buy a slimline 12" or 14" and 18" for pole work. And you will save yourself so much time!

I m looking at the vidoes of this tool and am amazed to see very few pro s. Like the marketing is to the homeowner. Only the Englishman with a lot of soap . Whats up with that ?

Thanks Dirk

Ya just play with it. You’ll find your grove!

So you prefer the slimline what sizes 12,14,18?

I have a 14" slimline I believe, added the stripwasher cover to flip over the top. I also have the PC handle with an 18" ettore channel on it.

Great for pole work, I don’t use them everyday, but I enjoy having them because the jobs I use them on go so much faster with them

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Wagtail’s are the only squeegees I use now,got a Combi and a Flipper,they are amazing.

[MENTION=20055]joshuag[/MENTION] All Right Green Bay !!!

Joshua, don’t be overwhelmed with the different models and some of the advertising. They won’t grow you hair or make all women desire you.
Wagtails are quality professional tools, but they take some getting use to. Get a slimline 12" or 14" and work with it a bit. This will clear up a lot of your questions. I use them for everything, I even mod a wagtail channel to go on an Ergo Tec handle for the lightened weight. Feel free to call or PM me.

If your wanting to buy one. Get the 18" and 12"

I do own a 18" slimline with the pc handle, also have the wagtail combi. awesome tools, very light, I can see their potential but its not something that I was able to get used to.

kind of like the thread about work belts, everyones belt will be different and customized to their liking as time goes by.
For me I personally believe that I have the best tools to help me in my work and unfortunately the wagtail did not make it in my bag of tools.

I have been using Ergotec for almost everything up till very recently. I bought all the different wagtail styles and am finding what I like best is the combi 18. I use them for route work and works very well on a pole. The wagtail 30 degree pole tip helps a lot and can be used with any squeegee handle you prefer. The only issue I see having with the combi is that when doing interior windows on a residential account you may have some water dripping as you carve the glass. With previous set up I would squeegee with one hand while using my strip washer in the other hand to catch the drips as I move along. So to solve that I bought a wagtail slimline handle to go with my wagtail strip washer. Also I think the benefits as far as saving your wrist should be considered.
They were designed to be ergonomic and that they are my friend.

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thanks for the info. I will give them a whirl this spring.

I have to agree everyone has their own preference when it comes to tools and work belts setups…that work belt thread rocks!:wink:

Thanks Dale I ll pick up the tool and see if it grows my hair. I doubt it though. The first person to cure the hair thing will be a billionaire in a week Josh

Check out Polzn Bladz on YouTube.

Like the quote Mike!

My favorite Polzn Bladz wagtail video.


Some of our guys swear by them. Other guys don’t care for them. Those that do any type of challenging work want it as an option for arches and other difficult windows. The wagtail is a great tool. I don’t do much regular washing but I like knowing it can solve a specific challenge. The guys that really like it like it in part for speed and the ergonomics.