Wagtail + WaterFed = Awesome

WCR is proud to be the exclusive US distributor of the new Wagtail Waterfed Orbit handle.

Water Fed Pole Orbit Handle

Cool! I definitely can’t go without my swivel headed wfp brush. It’s a necessity! These look interesting. Are they euro thread adaptable? Acme?

The only thing I’m concerned about is how loose the head will be. Will there be resistance to keep it at an angle?


looks cool, [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION], how does it attach to the tip? are there threads up inside?

Funny you showed this today. Yesterday I tried my new brush and used the Pink charity adapter. Well, the euro tip as not as big so if tighten a little much the threads slip. Needless to say, I had a wagtail style brush. Worked pretty neat. could rotate with a twist of a pole and tried fanning the brush on the way down. Neat in corners can wiggle it instead of trying to work the pole. I had to stop and replace with the other adapter because the threads could not hold onto the brush anymore but left the brush a bit loose on the new adapter so can swivel it.
Just wondering what software you use? Every time I think I need to get me this or this may work I see ads later or a video going over what I was thinking about. Hmmm. Maybe I need to turn off my web cam or check out if you are tapping into the satellites and getting live feeds on us. :stuck_out_tongue: Have to get me one now. Thanks.

It looks like it clamps to the outside of the base on the brush. Just ordered mine. I’d would just continue using the loose thread thing but knowing my luck I will be brushing the glass and the head will fall off. That’ll look good. LOL. I do like the WFP method videos but also testing other methods of scrubbing some how the fanning or wiggle just seems like a natural thing plus dirt will be moved down off the glass.


No threads, it kinda just jams on there… We have been using it for about a month… it holds pretty tight

It looks like it clamps on to the outside of the thread housing of the Beta Brush Pack brush in the video.

[MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] [MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION] The info for the brush says it works with Vikan and FOC brushes. Will it grab on an angle adapter so it can be used with other brushes. Can you check and see?

It will fit any brush that has a out post to grab onto

Sort of on others. Unger radial no, brodex, no, Gardiner no. The thread housings are same size as the OD of the housing. You can try to bend it out but will snap the clamp. Unger radial has flanges on its housing. What I did was sacrifice a wack end. Didn’t feel like going shopping. Added a bit of material. In this case rubber, to thicken the dia of the adapter. Slid in and clamped down. Will see about getting or making an adapter to add to pole end and then slide the wagtail onto the adapter piece for a nice solid fit. Do I need a certain adapter possibly or recommended adapter? I will then add a small lock pin or ring pin to it. Don’t want it to fall off.
Have not went to glass yet. Head swivels pretty loose, did tighten screw. I also added the pink charity to pole (threads are too small for 2 of my brushes so don’t use them) and wack onto that so can adjust to many different positions now. Anyone think by using the brush like a wagtail to wash the glass will violate the WFP rule of up and down at least 2x on the glass? To me it will give a better wash because you are loosening dirt and bringing down the glass as you work side to side and pulling dirt down vice down bring dirt up back down bring dirt back up Need to test and see if there is a difference. Get to try it out tomorrow. Can’t wait.

please report back with your findings (…like you won’t without me asking, haha) i’m intrigued by this thing.

I was upset at first that I couldn’t fit it on the brushes then saw the wack. Slightly smaller but the rubber wedge seemed to work. I also had to compensate for the jet tubing. I usuallly have short ones and had to make a bit longer for the T fitting to clear the pivot part. Also when added the 2 wacks together went a few inches longer so have gull range of motion. Now all 3 work on it. Just screw on a different head to clamped wack end. This is really going to come in handy because of the windows above entry way doors that have a long porch overhang. I could not get an angle on it the other day and was way beyond my 21" + feet because of the angle and used a ladder and almost straight out head. Did not have the big ladder otherwise would have got up there. Getting too old for that ninja monkey stuff. .
I’ll let you know how it works. Easy squeegee tomorrow but trying on a few uppers that if I could not get from inside will the pole reach over the ledge, stand away from the greenery type of test.

Suck it up Jack, ninja monkeys don’t get old! :slight_smile: Ha, ha.
Can’t wait to play with mine.
Just think of the possibilities.

I experimented a year ago with a very similar product. I found if I went all loosie goosie I had very little control over the brush. The result was that the bristles were uneven on the glass because of the lateral pressure. I found I only had control once I tightened and stiffened the loose swivel motion. In the end I had an extremely useful tool that would only swivel to the desired angle when considerable pressure was applied. And once in that angle then the bristles received even pressure and splay on the glass.

I see the Wagtail swivel wfp tool needing to be more tight than loose to be affective at 25+ feet.

Sure felt like a cracked rib. 10’ roof 6’ ladder. Made it up there but 2 days later I felt it. Next time guess should break it with a rock and call the builder, some kid must have vandalized the place.:rolleyes: Then make sure I can clean it before the replacement gets installed. LOL

Could have gotten the bigger ladder but seems easier this way, right?

Those taper wood end tips, they have euro threads? Leaving for work so not enough time to look it up.

I see a few people do the zip tie trick to keep the tool centered, don’t know how it would work with a heaver tool like a brush.

I don’t think the wood tips have threads Jack.
I absolutely hate anything on the end of a pole coming loose and spinning. With a brush that you don’t have to change out a lot, shouldn’t be a problem to pin it some how.


Just wondering. You have the handle on this wagtail, like many of out tools, empty with a taper to slide on a pole or add adapter to it. Now I can slide on the wack tip but after playing with it the head does swivel a lot and thought maybe wet glass it will act differently. I do want a better tip to put this on and something I won’t feel bad about drilling into. I have a home unger pole from HD. It has a long yellowish top to slide things on and a screw top. I slid it off and use it on another ext pole and maybe take this and permanently affix to wack tip. I do have the pink ones. Will have to build it up a bit to get the clamp to fit tight and put this on the end. Epoxy or pin it. Wack with an Unger green tip adapter like on the Unger ext poles.
BTW, will have zip ties handy in case the head does the extreme L/R swivel as I saw when using it on the wall. Had to use a bit more pressure and twist to to rotate wick told me I need a lock on pole so the handle will not slip and a swivel limiter.
Like you said "don’t have to change out a lot. I’ll modify what I have and buy a newer wack, this time a reach around for the Swis Army brush attachment pad, scraper, squeegee thingy.