Walnut shell scrub pads

I’ve seen the walnut shell scrub pads and wonder if anyone has tried them? If so how well do they work and how do they compare to the white synthetic pads. I am looking for something with a little more bite than the white pads.

Walnut shell work great for tumbling brass. Why not just use magic eraser? I can’t imagine walnut shell scrubbies are any cheaper.

It’s not about price. It’s about effectiveness. White pads don’t have enough bite. I like the interwoven bronze wool pads but they seem to only last for a few days of cleaning. I noticed there is a variety of walnut shell scrub pads and wondered how well they work. Do they have more bite to them than the white pads?

As far as magic eraser it does not work well for removing heavy dirt build up and baked on dirt which is what I use the pads for.

I think you talking about these right ?

I haven’t tried the walnut ones yet , they do seem to have more aggressive fibers than those blue ones … Defenetly more than the white

The blue ones I’ve been using. Like those a lot

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Hey Mike I like the white scrubby a lot, in regards to the blue (no scratching issues?)

@whatapane i read in the past that the walnut shell scrub pad work but not all that great, but that was a while back. Sorry i wish i could give you more insight about them,

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I like the white too. I just like trying different things. As far as scratches not yet an I hope never :scream::joy:

The blue did say scratch free on it. Not sure if they mean Windows. Lol

Yes those pads. Is that just a dirty white pad or is it a walnut sheep pad? It looks like one. If it is those are the ones I am talking about. I like the blue ones just fine but I have had trouble finding a good source for them. The only ones I can find are either too small or they are the ones with the along on the back which I don’t like. Where do you get your blue ones?

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I forgot were I got those either Home Depot , target, a supermarket. Amazon has everything though that’s my go to .


I have been using the Scotch Brite 9488R pads. @Wagonhound told me about them. I think there are 40 in a box. Cost $23 or so. They last a while for me. I bought a pad holder with it as well. I found the pads on Amazon. Not sure where I found the holder.


I like the looks of that pad! That’s what I’m looking for. I assume it’s not too coarse for glass? Otherwise wide would you be using it. Does it have an #0 rating? I like the looks of it!

This pad will not scratch glass. I find it more dense than the white scrub pads. That is why they last a while. I am not sure about the rating.

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Chad these actually look a little thicker than either of the 2 I have in the pic. Your liking these so far

Get the gray twist lock handheld pad holder by 3M

Make sure the holder is for the 9488R pads. I am sure 3M has quite a few pad holders that they sell

what is your main use for them? mainly before wfp? would they be a good scraper alternative in certain cases? Basically what are you mainly using them for? I ask because Ive been using mostly magic erasers but there are certain things it doesn’t work as well at removing. Especially when as was mentioned the window is very dirty.

I put my solution on the glass with my mop. Then I use my scrub pad with handle to scrub the glass real quick then squeegee. I have always done this. Works really well and doesn’t take much time. I don’t use the bronze wool that much. Just for something on the glass that is stubborn.

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Awesome…I will try it. Thanks!

Here in North TX it is not effective to use a razor to remove dirt. Razors are for removing paint etc. but not dirt. You need wool to remove the dirt. It wouldn’t make sense to use a hand held scrub pad prior to using a water fed poll because why not just squeegee it off after scrubbing? If you get the right brush head with the right bristles they will remove heavy dirt with enough scrubbing.

I also use this same technique.

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Yes…it seems my question did not come out as clear as it was in my head (happens alot). Chad did answer what I was wondering though. It was more of the purpose of the pad. I know the purpose of a razor & obviously using waterfed you wouldnt use a handheld scrub tool. I see why you responded that way though based on the examples I used in the question. Ive used white pads in the past mainly with hard water chemical removal but got away from them after mr. hard water. So just was wondering how to incorporate this into my cleaning methods if I was going to. Thanks though for those true points…btw we have as much dirt or more in Western OK :upside_down_face:

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