Waterproof footwear not keeping my feet dry

Hey everyone,
I have been wearing the Salomon XA Pro running shoes. They are advertised as being waterproof. They are very well made. The only problem I have is that they trap in perspiration. Even the guy at the shoe place where I bought them last year mentioned that waterproof shoes trap in perspiration. I figured I would give them a try anyway. I just read an article from a hiking guru. This is a summary of what he said…
Waterproof shoes will not keep your feet dry
2 reasons…
design - it is difficult to completely seal off your shoes from external sources of moisture
materials - the materials used to make shoes “waterproof” are not 100% reliable and trap in perspiration.

I used to wear just regular Asics running shoes. Naturally my shoes would be soaking wet from walking in the grass since 99.8% of my work is residential.

I read online that I should get some Adidas climacool socks(they wick away moisture). I am going to give that a try and see if it helps.

Anyone else having the same problem?

Have you looked into waterproof shoe covers?

No I haven’t. The problem I am having is that they hold in perspiration. My socks get all wet. Maybe I should just go back to wearing running shoes. Not sure what to do

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Chad you need them to be water proof an Goretex. " Goretex means they will be breathable


That is a great idea! Is that what you do? Where do you get the above boots?

Thanks for the advice! Are those the shoes you wear?

No , but i was looking into buying a pair . I’m a Keen hiker guy. The best hiking shoes out there imo.

I bought 4 pairs in sale not to long ago


I actually bought these on sale 3 pairs left


I need a low cut pair sneaker type so I was looking into those adidas

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low cut boots

I use these for wet mornings.

Ok cool. Thanks for all your advice!

I might have to start keeping an extra pair of shoes and socks in the truck as well.

Thanks for the advice!

Thanks for sharing!

Everyone has given me such great advice!

I used to wear mack boots especially doing rope work as you feet hang right were all the water falls and your feet get literally drenched, mack boots would keep my feet dry all day, I guess coz your not walking with your feet on a rope your feet don’t sweat as much.

haven’t read whole thread but crocs work great.
i use cheap ones from walmart with socks if i’m not expecting to get wet without socks if it’s more likely.
seperate pair of slip ons for inside.
yes you get wet but dry off very quickly.
they also have great traction on asphalt shingles

Cool. Thanks for sharing what works for you.

I wear Vibram Five Fingers Spyridon shoes, theyre made specifically to get wet and dry out fast. They do just that and have done very well in that regard, and they have unparalelled traction on about anything.

But i used to wear waterproof leather boots for another job, in the hot summer, with fire resistant jeans and longsleeve shirt (none of it breathes at all). Your feet will get wet, so wear socks that manage that better.

The wicking socks are a good start, have you tried 70%-78% wool socks? Wool holds more moisture than cotton, and your feet will always be warm… maybe too warm, but never cold.

Anyhow, wool socks worked very well for me (no liner) when i wore boots. Now i set my own dress code, so no problems for me anymore.

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I bought some wicking socks yesterday. Those have helped with my feet not getting as wet. Thanks for the advice!

How do those shoes feel on ladder rungs? Do they have enough support in the middle of your feet?

Theres an “impact” spot on the bottom for the instep, mainly for rocks while running. With these shoes, I rest on rungs on the reinforced instep, or the balls of my feet using my toes to grip over the rung.

It also helps to not be new to wearing these shoes, or the whole barefoot movement. Wearing VFF’s is definitely a transition from regular shoes; have to strengthen your feet muscles, stretch said muscles (elevated heels shorten the Achilles tendon), etc…

I will say though, if you use a ladder every day, you’ll definitely want other shoes or want to run/massage your feet later.