WCR Forums are Overwhelming

Guys there is so much here - benefits, hundreds of threads, countless bits of advice.

To tell the truth, I haven’t gotten into the forums before because it’s overwhelming. I’m afraid I’ll never get caught up or understand what’s going on.

Many of you have seen me on Facebook - but that’s the dummies version of forums - just my speed.

Where do you start? How do you find that which is very important? What do you do to keep from being overwhelmed?

How do you change a profile picture?



Hey Rick! Good to see you over here…

Up top right click “My WCR” then “community account”

Then look over on the left, and click “edit avatar”

The forums can be very overwhelming, I mainly monitor the homepage feed most times to find stuff that interests me:

WCR - Window Cleaning Supplies | Equipment, Tools, Forum, Information

To get caught up cruise over to the forum page:


and drill into a subject that interests you. For the most part the content is pretty organized, the marketing section is particularly robust.


Hey Rick look for topics that interest you and go from there.

This a Great forum.

Maybe, search one topic at a time. Whenever I am overwhelmed with something I just do one thing, then another, then another. Before long it’s all done or I have made good progress.

One thing at a time, it seems. Thanks Chris, I got the photo uploaded.

Just hit the war room. You’ll have fun over there.

I’ve been told that already - but I’m afraid my bad blood with Dangerous Dave won’t ease up until he gives me that long-deserved apology.

Don’t count on it. You’ll find a lot of guys are pro DD. I took my licks, and decided it’s best to ignore it.

I don’t take disrespect well. I’ve gone through too much for that.

Rick remember its only a forum, you will deal with all different types!

Dont wear your ego on your sleeve.

I’ll be just fine. I just want to know where the info is. I know how to take care of disrespectful hypocrites all by myself.

Rick is a good friend, and great guy. It has nothing to do with egos.

Thanks John. Although I am a bit weirded out by the fact that a like equals a heart. I like you an all, but not in “that” way.


That’s cool John!

I just didn’t what Rick to feel uncomfortable being on the forum because of stuff that happened else where or in private setting.

And I did want bad blood to take the fun out of things for him on forum or for forum members.

Good deal.

Rick, I’d suggest just being like most and checking WCR before bed, while you pee at 2am and first thing when you wake up.

If you get caught up on whats new it’s pretty easy to stay caught up. Then as needed and time allows go back and search other subjects.

Is the document sharing place still around? Over the years I have found several nice examples of random documents.

Good to see you here

That brings me to my next question - how do I turn off email notifications? My office manager just called and she said, “What are all these emails about messages and quotes and stuff.”

Here’s another one for her. Hi!

^^ smartass