WD 40 on windows

I have just been asked to quote on a house. The house has just been rendered and the work men covered all the windows with WD40 before they started, apparently to protect them ( can’t say I have come across this before ). Dose anyone have experience of this ?. If so what did you use ?.
My first thoughts are to wash them down with truck wash, rinse off, and clean as normal with GG4. Any advice would be much appreciated.


I see I have had plenty of views on this post, however no replies . Is this because no one has come across this before ?. I certainly never have - though the home owner seemed to be under the impression it was a fairly common procedure.

I am stunned. Never heard of it…curious; what were they protecting the window from?

I too have never seen or heard of this… Is the WD on the outside, inside or both sides of the glass? I’m assuming its on the frames as well?

THAT is what alarms me.

I smell a price increase.

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Dude you are in for some fun fun. I had a customer spray that stuff on their wiper blade holders and inside their car door jams when their windows were rolled down. He asked if I could get it off. Honestly I sat there for 1 hour rubbing that stuff off. Just when you think you got it all off it seems to show up again.

My first thought is to try Oil-Flo and a white pad. Try this on one window and then give the customer a bid on the rest. What in the world were they thinking!!!:eek::confused:

Yeah oil flo may help. If you email me your info. I will send you out a little tiny free sample of the product. You can try it out for yourself and see how it works.

Thanks for the input guys. Just confirms what I thought . FYI the render is a cement render that is commonly used on the [B]outside [/B]of houses to cover brick work. In this case it was an old house that has been extensively renovated and then all the old and new brickwork covered in the cement render and then painted.
Now scrubbing is out, as the WD40 has trapped the cement and dust keeping it off the windows as intended. Therefore you would have to wash down the windows ( hot water and degreaser ?) which will probably cause a horrible oily run off that will stain the new render and the newly laid paving, and, I imagine you would have to do this several times.
It would definitely have to be on an per/hour basis, however based on feedback I think I will give it a miss and let someone else have the fun.

oil flo is your best bet. my guys call it masculout cuz of that old snl skit about getting protien stains out of clothes

Too much information!:eek:

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A good policy is to know when you’re in for too much, but really, is a personal decision.

Not to be difficult but it was Kenny Rogers not Johnny Cash.:wink:

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I believe.

I was just trying to get a bid on a building that is nearly finished, the foreman said his mason has sprayed WD40 on the windows and it’s his job to get them clean. I am waiting to hear back, but wondered if anyone else has experienced this & knows how best to deal with the WD40?

WD 40 is a solvent based, non-benzene, aliphatic hydrocarbons formula. ([B]W[/B]ater [B]D[/B]isplacement formula 40). It is great for removing paint and other organic matter. When used sparingly with gauze or lint free cloths, it will put an awesome shine on annodized frames when rubbed in and excess wiped off (think armor all)

You can usually get it off using a high soap, low water solution and a white pad. You don’t need extreme degreasers. mix a heavy solution of Dawn or Joy in the water, wipe on more foam than water and agitate until it cuts the film and then rinse. It will be labor intensive and time consuming because runoff or run down can damaged painted surfaces around the windows

I agree. I had to get some off windows before (not to the extent mentioned in the thread) and you have to keep adding soap to your solution. If I remember right it seemed to beak the soap down as you get the WD-40 off the glass. But regular dawn worked for me.
Happy trails to you on that job :slight_smile:

And yes… it was Kenny Rogers :open_mouth: