Weekly Sales

I was wondering how much the one man shows are making a week in this busy season?

This is what i make on a typical week.

Anything under $700 and something is wrong, anything over $1200 and I am very happy, average is $900.
however, my average in/out job is $230. I don’t offer power washing yet.

You fit 3 jobs in on the 25th and made nearly 1 grand all by yourself. You must be flying! Looks like I’m adding pressure washing next year!!


My goal next year, is to be doing 10 houses per week also. Right now, I am averaging 5-6 per week. I have a guy working for me, but he is only by himself when I am at the firehall. We do average, between us both, 5-6 houses, 35 businesses, and 1 powerwashing/guttercleaning per week for an avg of $1500. I’d say you’re doing quite well for a one man show. My advice, add an employee and watch your profits double with very little work on your part. I did. I trained and instilled a large sense of pride in my employee and he makes me more $$ than I could by myself, even after paying him around $15/hr.

I average about 6-8 houses a week in peak season, weather permitting, ranging from $130 to $1400 each,This is combines with my regular weekly commercial stuff too. ive never broken it down to see what I’m making per week average though.
Things have recently just slowed a little bit, time to make some calls!, seems when August rolls around things get a bit slower until Sept. anyone else notice this?

Perhaps you live in a tourist area like me. August & January are my worse months usually. I like to take a break from the heat anyway.

What does a one man operation make in a typical work week in the non busy season?

August and January are my slowest months also.

yes my area is somewhat of a tourist area, but also i think the august slow down is because there are lots of families. many take holidays in august, trying to fit in the last little bit of summer before school starts again. It ok with me though since Ive been on the edge of a burn out from working so much. I have to say this year has been very productive for me, I haven’t sat down to calculate the numbers, but they should be good.


I thought it was just in Oklahoma. But I guess not.

August licks teabags.

So does Feb.

January is busy taking down Christmas Lights.

What do you do when he calls in sick and you cant finish the work by yourself, and what happens if you are booked 3 weeks in advance like i am?
If that happened to me i would prob lose that customer because they would not want to wait another 3 weeks to get back on my Schedule.

well i am booked full from the months of March to December, then i take a two month vacation.

So, Jan and feb i do not work , but i could if i wanted too.

I am guessing that i would only make around 2 or 3K a month

Doug is no joke, seriously. Ive rolled with him before and he has got his act wired tight.

Thanks Big B…

whats up pimp???

What if [B]you[/B] became ill?

i never get ill.

knock on wood…

Man, changing diapers and getting no sleep what so ever. But seriously im loving every minute of it. Hey bro, i got my truck vinyl’d up finally

did you use my guy?

August gets so slow here … we literally lay off 60%of the workers… Hope they dont find new jobs by September. Luckily we have allot of college guys so it sorta coincides with them going back to school.

I’m curious if the one man shows out there carry disability on themselves or Workman’s Comp?

Doug’s obviously invincible, but are you other one man shows covered if something happens to you and you can’t work?

So, only others get sick? Wasn’t that your point earlier regarding Bert’s advice?