Weird issue today

So whenever i get new batch of toys i like to try them on my grandmas home, i do her home weekly and usually takes 15 mins. Today i recieved a package with glass gleam glide so i wanted to try it out, i use gg4 the rec amount and i added the glide to it which added an extreme amount of glide but i noticed that my wagtail was leaving water down the middle and the sides, i changed the rubber and still the same problem, could the glide caused that much issue ? Im stumped :frowning:

When i do a simple pull down the rt side of my squeegee kinda sticks upwards, almost acts like a car hydroplaning, no control

i am ordering both products. glad to here you got lotss of glide but maybe you added too much ggglide?

I have had too much glide added to my bucket and had some odd and similar results but I use moerman soft rubber in my blades and thought maybe it wasn’t compatible with that much glide. I just use less glide and more dawn dish soap.

So i noticed my rubber was slightly longer than usual on one side, i trimmed it and it seemes to clear its self up, didnt realize a few mm can affect the rubber so much, gg glide + gg4 = heaven, i love this combo, i usually use evover with gg4 but tryin to get away from soap, i recommend gg glide :slight_smile:

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dish soap defeats the purpose of gg4.

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I don’t use GG. I use a gliding agent added to my dish soap. Was just stating that adding too much gliding agent does change how the rubber moves liquid off of the glass.

To sound cliche…I have been doing this forever…25yrs and nothing beats Dawn, I have tried everything out on the market. Even the stuff the dude drinks in front of you to show how safe the cleaner is. Dawn by itself or Dawn and sudsy ammonia for really dirty windows…

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When i would do a pull down the water was coming off nicely towards the left side of my squeegee but it was getting very sticky n skipping on the right side, almost as if the channel was bent and wasnt making contact ill see if i can snap a pic of the wagtail

Today i went back to a reptile store to do the insides which were filthy, yesterday came my new wagtail combi so i went early today to try it out on the outside windows before he opened shop, i couldnt get used to the pad being so close, i had to usemygood ol ettore brass channel which worked like a charm on the inside windows. The owner was so impressed that he tipped me and also setup a cleaning schedule for him.

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Makes for great slip. The squeegee glides great ! To every man his own ! I try to stay out of soap wars lol


Lol i have no idea how this morphed to soap wars … So i flipped the pad over on the combi so its sits nice n flat and now the performance is flawless, im glad i picked it up

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Ugh!!! so don’t want to go here , but i have to. Why Do you think this ???

I don’t get behind the science of all thsi soap crap. I just try something , an if I like it I stick with it. Ecover an Gg4 is what I’ve been using for quite some time now Soon I’ll have to go back to dawn , I have enough ecover to last through the winter an mayne into the spring
I use to use ammonia an dawn for years. Ammomia was rough in the hands , but it’s what I was taught to use.

i went into business for myself an started experimenting.
I need soap bubbles in my solution it drives me crazy when it’s not just right.
Not to much not to little

okee dokey i’ll do my best:
dawn’s instructions for washing dishes includes this
3. Work Small To Big.
Now for the “fun part”: scrub, rinse, and dry. Start with utensils, then move up to glassware, plates, bowls, and other medium-sized objects. The biggest dishes tend to be the dirtiest, so save them for last. Give them a good rinse before placing them in your dish rack to dry.
as window cleaners we don’t rinse we scrape of the soap with a rubber blade, this does not remove all the soap.
this is why so many of us feel soap gives us a better glide. the residue left behind is enough to provide some glide until it completely dries so when we make a pass over frshly squeegeed glass as long as we have a damp blade we still get glide.
gg4 uses different chemicals and does not leave a residue so if we try to go back over freshly squeegeed glass we have no glide left. this means great care must be taken to make the over lap of strokes to keep the dry area to a minimum.
the chems used in didh soap are designed to soften the dirt and hold it in the water. this means the residue is a mixture of water soap and dirt. dried soap is sticky and it is designed to attract and hold dirt and that is what it does on the glass.
gg4 uses chems that are designed to charge the glass so the glass actually wants to repel the dirt. it also has a chem that some how destroys the calcium which is the main culprit in most water spots. these chems do not require rinsing the glass is left cleaner with no residue to attract further dirt.
gg glide is designed to give slip BUT STILL NOT LEAVE A RESIDUE so even though it’s slippery when wet it does not have the residual slip of dish soap.
lets assume that either chem system will work for loosening the dirt, gg4 does not leave a residue so at job end the glass is cleaner and stays cleaner longer but as soon as you add regular dish soap you have that residue!
my understanding is that most slip additives (other than gg glide) are basicaly dish soap so they also defeat the no residue effect of gg4.
the science of gg4 has been described to me in some ways similar to di water. certainly wfp windows stay cleaner longer than trad cleaned windows done with soap.
if your using a blade with a doggeared rubber the lack of residual slip becomes even more of problem because the fine tip is not as strong and can start to drag behind and then leave water.

:cactus:27 the king has spoken
hope that helps without starting a war


O ya. That’s why we use a 4 inch on storefront ledges. Regardless saves you a ton of towels


Main problem with GG it doesn’t have the REQUIRED glide in it.
And what do you know I can’t buy that over here… So GG is useless IMO until they make it with glide shit in it.

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The bubbles disappear after a few minutes, and 2x dawn.

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I love suds.I wish gg4 would sud

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