Well, it finally happend!

I often wondered when it would happen…so here’s my story. Yesterday while working on a res. job there were a few hard to reach windows, so like a non wfp system owner, I used my ladder as a scaffold by leaning it over a large rock so that it remained level…Hint #1after cleaning ea window I noticed that the right ladder mitt was not secure…hint #2. I confirmed my suspension by checking it with my hand…hint #3. Nevertheless I remained on the ladder…hint #4. Finally I went to detail the window and the ladder came crashing down and I fell backwards flat on the ladder @ about 4-6’…because this is a pg forum I cannot and will not repeat the words that came uttering out of my mouth but, I will share that I secured the ladder mitt, removed the ladder from the rock and like any other good jockey, I remounted the ladder while my nerves were still tingling and detailed that window.
Lessons learned, never ignore the safety signs… hint 1-4 and buy a wfp system a.s.a.p!
PS I’m going to buy a ruby/safety helmet and wear it while up on a ladder until I can afford a wfp system.

Glad your ok Stuart!

Be safe out there

When I get “that feeling”… I’ve learned it’s time to abort that attempt.

Ouch man… glad your ok.

Glad your OK Stuart. Get that WFP set up man. If you need convincing, we can get together and do a job.

glad your okay.

In the 4 years since we have made the switch to water fed window cleaning our hourly rate has almost doubled and it has cut our time by almost half. Get the lightest pole you can afford and make it residential friendly. We carry our water on board, We simply pull our hose to the desired length, flip a switch and we are cleaning. It’s that simple…

By the way I fell last year, took 9 months to feel like myself again.

Glad you’re here to talk about it Stuart.

I truly appreciate the sentiment’s, and I will be purchasing a wfp from the ‘WORLD’S BIGGEST AND BEST WINDOW CLEANING SUPPLY HOUSE ON THE PLANET’…John Kesser.

PS I was so scared, that I’m still laughing about $%@t!


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Hey stu glad your ok. Your very lucky you did not break your back. My ladder mitts have been looking at little leary. I need to re duct tape them to the ladder. You just inspired me.

Just shows, no matter how much you read it, talk about it etc… it still happens. Glad you haven’t done any permanent injury. I think I’ve used sectionals 4 times this year. WFP really is a godsend.

how do you know if the window is completley clean when using a wfp? Do you go back through the home and look at each window?

At first you will want to check your work. In time you get a good feel for proper scrubbing and rinsing technique. You also begin to know which windows may need extra attention.

I’m glad you are OK. Accidents happen and luck finds the fortunate ones.
I fell off of a ladder, into a bamboo patch a month ago. I ended up with a bunch a stab wounds in my belly that have taken forever to heal. One of them almost went through my gut. I can certainly feel for you!

Glad you’re okay! I used to do the find a rock or board to level the ladder thing. It is only a matter of time til the rock forgets it’s job!
Until you can swing the WFP, I would get some ladder leg levels. They save rock finding time and are safer.

Rinse, Scrub, Rinse and the window is clean

Glad your ok. Fell a few times myself. Mostly 2-3 stories. Not fun! But I was ok (for the most part). Here’s the kicker. you said you fell 4-6’ sometimes those are the worst! I fell 12’ and would up having back surgery. Then, two years ago I slipped down 5 steps in my own home and suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). It’s the landing that gets you! Be safe, mate.

Ouch Stuart, Eric and Eric T.!! We preach being careful to everyone, yet sometimes think we can take that extra risk and wind up in a lot of hurt. Been there!
We have used an extension ladder only on two jobs this year. One is a monthly, and after the initial clean, baught a squeegeeless because it was a 35’ glass entrance. Thank you Tony!

I know WFP seems expensive guys and gals, but is your life worth a little preservation?! Employees lives? You will more than pay for that system in a surprisingly short time. Take the pole buy the bristles and work safe. :slight_smile:

This reminded me of an event several years ago. I was cleaning the glass in a new house. I had a piece of fixed glass that had to be done off the roof. Being in a hurry, I laid the extension ladder against the eave and climbed up quickly. I stepped on the rung above where the ladder rested, which kicked the ladder out from under me. Coming down, I grabbed for the gutter, which flipped my legs forward, and I fell on the flat of my back, on the ladder. I was down for two weeks before I could work again. Moral of the story. Don’t get in a hurry. Don’t step on the rung above the fulcrum point.