WFP accessories

I’m most likely getting the complete xero system and probably the IPC boar’s hair speed brush. Is there anything else I should order right away? Anything else you wish you had known before you got into this?

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What size Pole and what is your primary use

40’ pole, mainly resi but I want to start looking into commercial as there are several industrial parks nearby.

As a package, the Xero system is very complete and should have you making money as shipped.

I would def buy some extra resin, even though the tank comes pre-loaded.

I bought a northern lite brush recently as an upgrade and I like it a lot for the extra width and quad jets. Much better for hydrophobic glass than the dual jets on the Xero brushes. It’s also pre-drilled for two more, so I plan to add a pair of fan jets.

The only other semi-weakness as I perceive it is the hose length. I’ll be buying a 100’ hose + reel since Florida houses tend to be built low with a large footprint and the 50’ hose included does not go very far so I have to keep moving my unit around.


Buy extra tees. It’s the suck if you lose one collar during a job.

Also an extra angle end piece, they break.


Initially I used garden hose and it was such a great upgrade when I got Rhino hose. I don’t use a reel, as I am constantly loading and unloading my WC equipment. I just coil it into a tub, no tangles, no snarls.

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Heck ya, more EDDM post cards! :wink:


For sure! Planning on my next drop in June. Should be perfect for July 4th and graduation parties I’m thinking.

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I just ordered a 22 foot Gardiner hybrid style pole for resi only. I also got a 12" Tucker dual trim with pencil jets. What else should I have in my arsenal. Say 3 brushes total including the Tucker brush. I will be cleaning large windows as well as cutups. Wood frames, vinyl, metal, etc. 3 good all around brushes. Fan tips or just pencil jets? Help me build my arsenal. GO!

Lol what a way to hijack a thread!


Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but this thread is about WFP accessories. I guess I’ll do a search and dig up a thread that’s 4 years old and comment on that. BRB!


Just giving you a hard time Jarred. :sunglasses:

I guarantee you can find a more recent thread on wfp accessories then from 4 years ago.

But I guess this thread is a good place to post your questions.

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Well do YOU have any suggestions on brushes? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tucker hybrid brush, Ipc speed brush a lot of people swear by them.

Best brush choices, maybe these guys can chime in also @Pure_Water_Window_Cl and @OPM

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I really only use Tucker brushes, the white bristles are a good combination between soft and hard.


Ya, Tucker hybrid dual jet. It’s a beast for 4 stories and below. Serious scrubige. Higher and you’ll want something lighter.

Gardiner Extreme and Ultimate brushes are our go to. Medium stiff, dual trim, dual jet. Perfect balance between weight and power.

Gardiner Quick LoQ on everything.


last year I went away from this which is not using recommended small brush above 4 stories. I use the same large 22 inch brush now. Yes it’s heavier it’s only a few ounces but gives you more coverage so you are doing less work to cover a window area


What’s the advantage of this brush over an all boar’s hair like the IPC speed brush?

Advice on brushes: You can’t really get a good rinse with a boars hair unless you lift it off the glass. Nylon you can rinse while on the glass.


I’ve been lifting my nylon brush off the glass every time I rinse since I got the system. Now you say it’s possible to just leave it on and save myself the effort of stabilizing a 40’ pole?

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