WFP accessories

Oh yeah, you get up 40-50 foot and it’s a bear to try and rinse. If you have to boars hair that high, either it’s not going to rinse good OR you can use a second pole for rinse.

I don’t know about the hybrid brushes. But I’d think you’d be able to leave them on the glass.

Tell me about it! But that’s what I’ve been doing this whole time lol :dizzy_face:

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Well thank you for that tidbit. Save me from being ign’ant


The hybrid had synthetic bristles on the outside surrounding the inside row of boars hair. This allows you to rinse with brush on glass saving energy and time.


Do you have the dual pencil or pencil + fan jet?

We run the stock pencil jets and drill the necessary holes to incorporate Gardiner red low volume fan jets.


Regarding fan jets vs pencil. Depending on the glass, the pencil works better. On other types of glass, the fans work better.

I can’t really give you any more advice than to have both of them so you can experiment on a per job basis. One building likes fans, the one next to it likes pencils.

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Man this is a brave new world. Was happy to be getting two-handed fanning down and now I’m going and complicating my life all over again!


@Chris will you guys be carrying any of this stuff?

If WCR won’t be carrying these, do you guys have a recommended source?

To get the same results I wanted from trad 1st time cleans, I absolutely need bronze wood pads on unger’s pad holder and I also use unger’s fixi clamp with a cloth wrapped in bronze wool fro getting the corner’s/ hard-to-reach areas of a window to buff out hard water. Boar’s hair got me a long way, but I’ve learned that if it’s a 1st time clean, I need the extra scrubbing power bronze/steel wool offers. Learning how to do it properly took time, but it’s worth it. I typically do two scrubs on 1st time cleans. I go around w/ tap water through my wfp and do a full frame/sill scrub with bronze wool after. Then I do a final scrub/rinse and ‘presto’- perfect windows. That’s just me, hope it helps!

(Edit: I guess they’re not WFP specific accessories, but they certainly are necessary for my style of cleaning :slight_smile: )


This is helpful cause so many windows out here are severely neglected.

the other thing you can do is twist the pole so one end of the brush is on the glass to stabilize and rinse that direction then twist and go the other way. the bristles touch only the leading edge.


Have you ever tried this method?

@Kyle Do you think you could repost your video of this cause the old one doesn’t work anymore?

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@luke3636 is actually perfecting my method. I think he is going to be putting a video up in the near future


Putting it together tom :sunglasses:


Guys should i get a shut-off valve and soap dispenser?

Never used either one.

Are we still filming hangouts tomorrow?

I would say both are necessary tools to sit in your arsenal.

The little shut off valves are well made and will last long unless you are rough with them. Unfortunately, dragging along cement or up/down stairs will destroy them. Fit them near your source or hold it at all times. I recommend putting UK style foam balls on either side of the valve in order to keep it off the ground.

The dispenser works well. I stopped using it when I started using a backpack sprayer as a soap dispenser.

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Get a shut off valve.