WFP Las Vegas

Is anyone in the Las Vegas area that are using a WFP and would allow me to observe or answer a few questions about how you make it work here? And thank God for rain, FINALLY!

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Hey Ron,

There is a WC convention called the ICE Expo in Las Vegas Jan 21st! You can go and get all your questions answered and see WFP products up close in person.
Check it out!


He means feb 1-2. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t use my wfp much here , some windows haven’t been cleaned in 15 years. They need nose to glass cleaning . But sometimes you do come across a home with some hard to access windows . I just scrub good and rinse a lot. you can get by without a Wfp , unless you do lots of commercial jobs . If you have any questions you can call me 8186426622


thanks. I looked at the ice page and it said it was Feb 1-2. Did I get the
wrong info?

The expo is feb 1-2

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Oops, my bad. You’re right. Feb 1-2. I don’t know why I said Jan 22st! Last years maybe? Don’t know. Anyways, you got it. It’s definately worth going. Hope to see you there!

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I took a look at the vendor booth floor plan and I didn’t see a single one related to widow cleaning.

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that’s actually what I was just looking at and thought maybe I don’t know the vendors products well enough to understand. Only thing interesting to me is responsibid bid but I’m about to get my CRM, either TCF or HCP today and that’ll eat my budget until further notice.

Hey Ron,

I’ll be there with the Xeor Pure and the 40’ Xero you and I were talking about the other day. You can see the system and get a hold of the pole first hand. I’ll also be giving a class on water fed poles and pure water. Hope to see you there.


We have an office out there but we haven’t had an opportunity to do any wfp yet. The initial cleanings have been tough and wfp wouldn’t be the most efficient way to get the cleaning done. It would work but the amount of scrubbing would take too long. Faster to just ladder. On top of that, our jobs have had a lot of solar screens so you have to put a ladder up anyways so you might as well clean them while you’re up there.

The other challenge we find is that for wfp there is no DI tank service. So we have to use the carts with a pump. So well be reserving wfp for multi story commercial or last resort on residential. In California we have rental DI tanks with hose reels on each truck which makes wfp much quicker and easier. We almost never use ladders in CA because of how our trucks are setup.

But if we do a job with wfp soon, I’ll let you know.

@mshramek thanks. I am seeing that the hard water is an issue on about 25%
of the homes I do. But I have regular (minimal annually and most bi-ann.)
on 50% of my customers. I’d appreciate it, I’ll be seeing Alex at the ICE
expo too. He’ll find a way to get my cheap butt to buy a wfp system
somehow. lol

WFP is great but you do need to have the accounts to justify it. You can get away with spending about $2k or so for a wfp and cart, just put it to work. I honestly don’t see us using WFP on a scale like we do in CA in Vegas, but i could be wrong. It’s much easier to get going with rental tanks and hose than a cart system, unless you get one of those awesome van mount systems like the one RHG sales. However, the carbon filters have to be changed every 6 months whether you use it or not, you have to make sure you run the carts every week to flush the RO, make sure you get enough hose, I’d recommend at least 300’ and you’ll be set.

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You’ll have to take home the floor model, save on shipping :wink:


I’m back to this 1. Every search everything I can on the IPC EAGLE Hydrocart But I cannot get 000 water and most of the time it’s 15 or higher!
is there anyone within 3 hours of Las Vegas that I can take it to to disguise the issue!? I’m 80% sure I’m the problem…


Hey Ron. These systems are so simple, its just filters, not puch to diagnose.

Measure your incoming TDS. Remove the DI cartridge and measure the reading of the output of the RO only.

This will tell you if the RO is fried.

Make sure the DI cartridge is in the correct way, not upside down. Make sure the DI resin is packed as tight as possible.

Let me know what you find.

Reading back through this post. I remember meeting you in Las Vegas at the ICE show, you just picked up this unit used. Thought I had you in the Xero Pure for sure :wink:

@Alex LOL
Jeff Hansen has been very helpful today. I’ve run a few diagnostics he recommended and am narrowing the concern down. Without resin and only RO the tds is ~15. I’m going to ditch my unused old resin and put in new stuff this afternoon.
You guys have been very good to me and @Jersey keeps me supplied very well.

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Thats good, if the RO is putting out 15 its the resin for sure.