Wfp work in cold

Hey all i been lookimg for a few years here amd shop at wcr store actually…

I usually dont start window cleaning this early but this year nice weather nice amd early amd did not want to pass up some large jobs… here is the problem the waether got all nice nice with exception for tomorrow and should be 34-36f , am i lookimg at problems using wft in those temps ??? As in cleaning issues ? Or just gonna freeze my ass of but cleaning will go as usual ?

scrub more.
do not shut off the water if the temp is around or below freezing,
the water is actually going to be warmer because the pipes are of course well below ground so they don’t freeze. sio it’s actually almost the same temp as summer.
warm your customer if you can that the windows may look crappy for awhile, drying takes much longer and the windows tend to look gross untill completly dry then they look fine.
if water freezes on during drying the ice will evaporate spot free as long as you have done a good job scrubbing and rinsing.

ps. 34-36 degrees is considered balmy here. it around that today and were all thinking summer has come early.


the above is without hot water just tap. i have a heater but can never keep it running so i don’t usually use it.

Roman, it’s nice to have you here. We’ve cleaned with hot water for a few years. It’s doable down to 14F without strong wind.

Here’s a couple videos showing how simple a setup can be…


Thanks guys .
Funny you say 34 feels balmy lol, after friday night saturday day and last night i walked out this morning and yhought wow it got nice and worm … lol it was 31f …

I do know how water system will work better i acutally have a diesel burner flr other stuff and realize the blah blah every so # f the cleaning power of detergent doubles etc etc …

If i trully get that much more window cleaning jobs this year then i will thinker on a much better permanent setup , i find window cleaning a good work and satysfyying …

So far use
-Gardiner slx pole
-Just got those new tucker brusher and real anxious to try them

  • unger 1 stage dr filer the hydro something little filter and like it so far better then the rhg tubes i used to get, just better setup for me now
    -moerman excelerator channels and since i got them firsy i think a year ago ??? Whenever they came out i love them things

About using how water there. Nice videos.
What temp is the water heated to ? And not afreaid of glass cracking when it co cold and you use hot water ???

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If you use the search you’ll find about a dozen threads dedicated to just this subject.

Here’s a start… Any experience with hot water for wfp?


We use the WFP all winter long. We fill a tank with pure water and add isopropyl to the water. Works great down to 25-30 F We store the brush and hose in the cap of the truck between jobs to keep it from freezing.


I’ve measured the hot water at the brush head before but it slips my mind now. It’s something like 120-140 F. Not too hot but hot enough to make an amazing difference. We’ve never had any issues with breaking glass.


L5 heater shuts down at 130 unless you disconnect temp sensor

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We have cleaned with pure water (no heater) down to about 28 or so, with no problems. If it’s under 30, you will have no troubles on the sunny side and might have the water freeze on the glass on the shady side. But, as mentioned earlier, if you clean and rinse well, the ice will thaw and evaporate leaving clean glass. Keep the water flowing, especially if the hose is laying in snow, otherwise your lines will freeze.

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Sorry to resurrect this topic, and I know this has been covered many times I just can’t seem to find a really great answer.

So has anyone found the right way to wfp with hot water, without cracking the glass. I am in Minnesota and would like to be able to work down to 10-15 degrees. Does anyone know the secret to working that cold with hot water.

also do you guys also run hot water all summer when its 70’s 80’s, and how hot do you have it set at then?

I use my electric WFP backpack and isopropyl alcohol the same way.

Cracking glass with water would be pretty rare in my opinion. I plumbed in an on demand water heater to my WFP this winter and it’s worked way better than I thought. By the time the water travels through 200’ of hose it’s probably no more than 100-110F at the brush head. If you’re getting down to that 15-20F range its probably going to start freezing even if its heated water.

We wfp’d down to 14 degrees F with hot water and never broke any glass. You’d think it would freeze to but in the vast majority of the cases it would evaporate before it’d cool down enough to freeze.

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so it doesn’t freeze on the window?

Sometimes it would freeze but it slowly evaporated and because it’s pure water it wouldn’t effect the finished result.

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I had the purewater with isopropyl freeze on the glass in the shade but when it evaporators the window is spotless

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It actually cleans better than plain pure water.

thanks guys. I think i will pull the trigger this year.