What 14in squeeg should i buy

Im trying to buy a 14in squeegee. But idk which one. Im thinking of getting the moerman 3.0 complete with the fliq pad. Anyone use this one and have thoughts about it? Or any recommendations. Thank you.

Our company is 100% these…



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I have it. I don’t care for the channel itself because the end clips tend to leave lines unless the rubber is perfectly adjusted. But the handle and fliq pad is very nice for pole work. Many have changed out the liquidator channel for a normal brass channel. (Search for threads and videos describing that)

For ground level residential, I mainly use a 14” brass channel (various brands are good).
And an Ettore Ledge Eze handle.

The channel material is preference, brass is slightly heavier and gets a patina over time, stainless looks clean all the time, aluminum is lightest but easier to bend.

If you are doing a lot of pole work, a swiveling handle with adjustable angles is great.
A lot of it is preference. The channels and handles are relatively inexpensive, I’d buy multiple and use your favorite.

Get a sorbo 12 inch and 18 inch with an under ninja handle . That’ll get you started with something simple you can use for commercial and resi .

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The moerman excelerator is a precision squeegee, it requires a slightly different technique to master.

I have been using it excursively for the past 6-7 year of my 25 year long window cleaning career.

Having used almost all brands available of my lifetime I would only recommend moerman, ettore and sorbo.
unger products are very plasticky these days and have seen many pics of t-bars and squeegees and scrappers snapping at the edge where they connect.

I find the squeegee works best in the hand on a 10 degree angle with a fixed swivel, while about 75% of the window cleaning community cannot make it work this is not a fault of the tool rather the operator.
There are many, many videos online with window cleaners who use it and obtain perfect results.


I started about 10 months ago. I haven’t mastered it but I made myself learn how to use this squeegee. I love it personally. But I’m glad you mentioned the angle on hand. I noticed this about a month ago. I didn’t like it in hand until I switched it from 25 to 10. It’s great.

I like the ettore ledge ez with brass combo for residential in hand work…excellurator for pole work. I tried the excellurator 3.0 and the one I got sucked so bad I gave it away. It took about 100 ftlbs of force to press the lock button in/out…

My favorite storefront and commercial tool for polework is the wagtail slimline flipper with the pad ran over the top. Mine has made me lots of money.

The unger zero degree handle is also a must in my toolbox.

The ettore ledge eze is one of my favorite handles. You can easily swap out channels and that’s where you should focus your attention. What channel best fits you! I really enjoy the ettore brass channels but since they are hard to come by stainless steel channels are great too. They are just a work horse and an everyday channel.

Of course I enjoy the unger ninja, sorbo viper and others but that’s my my go to.

Formpole work the 2.0 or 3.0 with the fliq pad is the best option unless you need to drown thr window. They hold water but not like a strip washer

Sorbo channel with an Unger Ninja handle for commercial and Ettore brass for residential.

Those are my picks.

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This guy gets it. Liquidator > everything else. I bought a couple Unger S+ channels recently, gonna give those more of a try but didn’t compare to Moerman in my first trial run. A full fliq Moerman combo + carbon fiber pole has been my cream dream lately unless glass is too dirty then I break out a ladder or attach scraper to pole if that’s too annoying.

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75% of the window cleaning community can’t use a tool… 75% of the window cleaning community sound like great people.


That may well be so, just not able to adapt to evolution,

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Good thing I don’t believe in evolution theory then

These guys are obsessed. Imagine being a professional window cleaner and saying 75% of professional window cleaners can’t use the liquidator. Literally kids can use it. Weird bug up their butt on it. It’s incredible, funny and sad. No wonder polznbladz gets so fed up with debating people. It’s just one excuse after the other. I been in business a fraction of the haters and somehow I manage to use it just fine. Wild stuff. I guess I’m some kind of eccentric genius according to them.

The guy your quoting is the one that said it :rofl::rofl:

I have been usnig Moerman fliqs for years and really liked them. This year I have mostly used Sorbos and been really happy with them too. I have also liked using Wagtail High Flyers too. I recommend that the OP try several tools to find the one(s) that are best for HIM.

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that’s all we use.

What are you talking about?

See “just not able to adapt to evolution”

That’s you.

You quoted Steve , the guy that said the above comment
He’s the professional saying that 75 % can’t use a liquid thing
Which is an asinine statement. It’s not that they can’t use it lol :joy: It’s just they probably have , and see no reason to keep using it . It’s you that’s obsessed . “young rookie” . A squeegee is a squeegee. There isn’t any game changer squeegees out there. If you like the liquid thing better, than any other squeegee that’s great , and that’s preference . Please though stop acting like it’s a game changer, because it isn’t.

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