What are we?

Are we window washers or cleaners??? What is on your card washers or cleaners and is putting service ok at the end?,(Mike’s window washing service or Mike’s Window Cleaning??:eek::eek:

Cleaners. You put your clothes in a washer. Even with a front loader you could only probably get 2 or 3 windows in a washer.:rolleyes:


I’ll call myself a “Window Beautician” if it gets me clients.:D:D:D

My preconceived idea is that cleaner means professional, washer means Bucket Bob. But it seems that many use “wash” and do fine. It’s probably what is best for your particular area.

I think our customers refer to us as window washers. I think we prefer to use the more professional term of window cleaner, but face it guys we’re window washers. JMO of course.

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Here we go again!!

Whatever you think your potential customer will type into Google

I bet they’ll type in washer hands down!

Based on what? Do you have something measurable?


What are we measuring???:confused:lol

Like I said I bet they’ll type washer hands down! Does that comment sound like I have done any extensive research? Come on Larry , give it a rest.

I’m typing on my smart phone so no smiley face, Larry. ha ha

Doesn’t sound so smart anymore, now does it? :stuck_out_tongue:

We are both.

Does that mean they are the same meaning or different?

I prefer window [I]cleaning[/I] as I think it sounds more professional.

But the comment about people saying window “washing” has me thinking… I’ve heard each term about the same number of times from customers.

Around here the common term is “window washing”.

Oh well, gotta go. The truck is getting dirty - I have to take it to the car clean.

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As far as the public is concerned I think they lean towards “washer”. However, I look at it the “washer” is just a washer. “Cleaner” has more of a powerful implication to it.
Here’s one for ya.
I’m an O.S.R.S. Optical Surface Rectifcation Specialist.
Optical- give help in seeing
Surface- the exterior of an object
Rectification- to make right or clear
Specialist- exceptional, highly regarded

That’s going on my business card.:smiley: