What do you use to get oxidation off windows?

I believe it is oxidation caused by the screens never being washed and left on year round. We call it screen burn because it is like burned into the window. I use a product called Restoro to get it off the windows. It is a powder that has to be scrubbed onto the window then washed and squeegeed off. Anyone use anything else?

I’ve used SafeRestore successfully on the only occasion I saw screen burn present.

Many swear by oven cleaner – protect those seals!

the only occasion? i have dreamed of a world where oxidation is no where to be found. do you have an extra bedroom? im moving in :smiley:

a lot of companies use oven cleaner here… we have used steel wool or bronze wool but in the end cc550 gives you the best results

what do you mean protect those seals?

I typically only see fiberglass – not aluminum – screen material.

Oven cleaner is a harsh chemical, and could damage the IG seals.

good to know… never heard that before
no comment on me moving in huh? :slight_smile:

The majority of the products on this page:

Stain Removal - Soaps / Chemicals

will take it off quite easily, but this one is the best:

Winsol Crystal Clear 550

And also the strongest.

hey chris any idea if the cc550 could damage the seal?

Yeah most things can damage the seal, including the sun and time. Just take precation rinse things down real well when your done and you will be fine.

Do you clean up after yourself?

I think Larry’s precaution was on the IG seal. If the chemical gets past the exterior seal and down by the IG seal it can cause a failure of that part of the unit.
With CC550 beware of Tin Etch Haze. I would advise against oven cleaner for numerous reasons beyond the health hazards.

haha im only kidding… if i was out in california i would not be cleaning windows… id be out playing guitar every night.
and for the record i do pick up after myself :slight_smile:

Bro you have no idea how lucky you are… 60% of the windows we do are burned out. Its horrible

Did you say cc550? Does this mean you finally broke down and used it?

One may use oven cleaner safely on ovens with proper personal protective equipment (PPE.) :smiley:

I’ve done more oven cleaning in my life than I care to think about and I always went w/ non aerosol cleaners and yes proper PPE, Larry.;):smiley:

Yeah we hardly ever run into screen burn. Probably only a handful of homes had this issue. Im kinda scared of CC50. We used it on some really bad hardwater stains and it kinda screwed up the window. I mean it didnt look worse, just different. Maybe thats the tin Etch Haze?

Does anyone have a picture of screen burn? (I searched but couldn’t find anything)
Or can you describe what it looks like?


yeah i broke down and used it… i thought i told you. it was a house on the ocean with metal screens that never come off. the screen burn was so bad you still couldnt see out the window after we cleaned it. we broke out the cc550 and EVERY window came out looking brand new. the guy was so happy he wrote us a thank you note and wants us to do a cleaning every 6 weeks to keep the windows looking so good

If you cant find a pic of screen burn, just throw a glass of milk on the glass and let it dry in the hot sun. Thats what it looks like!:smiley:

We have used nothing but oven cleaner to get rid of the TOUGH screen burn jobs. Most of the time it is minimal and we can get it off with 0000 steel wool and elbow grease. Anderson windows in our area are known for having this because they have a aluminum screen on the outside. The rain throws the aluminum residue onto the glass and the sun bakes it in.

Anytime that I do a quotation on a home that has Anderson, I look at the windows very close to make sure that SB isnt present (or serious). I charge extra for that.

I use gloves,eye protection and lemon scented oven cleaner. Spray it on the glass, follow quickly with 0000 steel wool to break it up, follow quickly with a T-Bar brush with my solution and squeegee it down. Wipe as much of it up as you can-including the sill and frames. Never had one problem doing it this way. Scheduling the job on a “non windy day” helps out too!