What is the average yearly income for Pressure washing?

I have been thinking weather or not i want to invest in a pressure washer, and im not sure if a few thousand would provide a good return on investment. so how much profit do you think a pressure washer add on service could add on annually, or daily? I want to get the Pressure-Pro Professional 4000 PSI (Gas-Cold Water) Belt-Drive Pressure Washer 4.0GPM just for starters and would like to pretty much know how much can i make off this machine, “Average Marketing Tactics included”

What types of pressure washing services do you plan to offer? I have the machine you are looking at getting and it is a workhorse.

we do anywhere from $30-50,000 a year in pressure washing

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Are you dumb enough to operate a pressure washer?
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What type of work are you considering? Residential, commercial, do you plan on offering any other services? There are so many different variables its hard to answer that question. Go out & market yourself as a true professional & the possibilitys are endless

Take it easy Ramone. Bashing and name calling is not what this place is about. I’m not dumb.


A pressure washer won’t make you any money, actually, it will cost you money…

Find out how to sell pressure washing services and you might make some money…

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Agreed John!

Pressure washing makes up about 20% of our business. It has huge potential and is a very easy add on.

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The average per unit for me is around 224,000 , this is commercial work not residential. I have no clue what Residential guys make, nor to I care to know. I HATE RESIDENTIAL work.


Most pressure washers are Stupid, I agree. They are Fat also, I gave away about 2000 shirts mostly XX.

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I agree They are stupid, most people in the service business are blue collar workings who lost jobs. No experience working for themselves, this is why WCRA is a great Place. Sharpen there pencils here listening to ALEX Chris an all the other folks here how to do stuff successful.

Most guys here have made the mistakes, now you all have the opportunity not to make the same ones.

I want to do soft washing of homes, some roof cleaning, sidewalks & drive ways. try to make enough cash and invest in a commercial pressure washer with a trailer and everything. so from reading the replies its quite simple that investing in this machine will pay off. thanks again you guys are amazing!

I understand the importance of marketing, i used the term “Average” to get a basic understanding of what the income level would be.

I paid mine off within 2 weeks

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