What is your Residential Screen Cleaning Process?

It seems like there are about 10 different ways people are cleaning screens. All from a deep clean to a quick hit with a towel.

In our area, 8/10 screens have dirt built up on the frames, cobwebs in the screen. First time cleans are normally caked. We have a PVC screen easel we built for each truck, we remove and mark every screen. We then take the screens outside, quickly hose them down and scrub with a brush with water and soap. We let them dry while we clean the windows and then replace them as we are doing a final walk through and cleaning out sills.

I know some companies offer different screen cleaning based on their service package…A couple one man operations in my area dont even clean the screens :confused:

What is your Screen Cleaning Process?

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We mix 3 oz of winsol screen cleaning soap in 3 gallons of water and use a strip washer on them. We then just tap off the excess water with a towel and let them dry. The screen cleaner works great. As far as I know, we are the only company that invests in actual screen cleaning soap in our area. We get a lot of compliments on our screens.

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Setup Aztec screen washer
Take out all first floor screens from outside
Take out second floor screens from inside (and first floor if they only come out to the inside)
Soap up the aztec brushes and start cleaning
Tap screen with huck wipe frames and set aside to dry
Clean outside windows
Replace first floor screens
During interior cleaning replace second floor screens wipe tracks and done

Pretty rare that I will wash screens on an outside only 2 story house but if I do I will drop them down to my helper and he will wash and dry really quick so I can replace it when I am done cleaning the glass.

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when we were using that product we found it made the glass under it super hydrophobic and even a residue making it very difficult for water pole in the future

same reaction as putting armor all on glass or similar

(transfer of product from screen to glass from rain etc)

what are you noticing? or are these squeegee only jobs?

scrub with wpole as you go as long as they aren’t thread bare

Bruce can you describe your process more?

Is this exterior only cleaning process with wfp?

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Inside and out window cleaning service
( I work from right to left on the exterior of homes and the opposite on the interior )

-Take out all first floor and second floor screens from the inside.
-so first floor screens are in one group in order and second floor (the same)
-Tide soap works best for me. Screens are brushed then scrubbed.
-Tap screen with huck wipe frames and set aside to dry
-screens are replaced after all window units are cleaned ( this gives a final opportunity to double check that every thing is cleaned properly.)

Hope that helps!


Well we take the screens off and clean them? So there’s no way the screen soap is getting on the glass?

Unless I’m not understanding the question.

those of you that take the screens outside and clean them… are you marking them so they go back where you found them?

we’ve had issues where a house will have all the same type of windows, but because of settling, screens have to go back to their original windows

Are you pleased with the Aztec Screen Washer? I have considered buying one.

all screens are cleaned inside in same room they belong on 2nd and 3rd floor or on outside balcony if there is one (I don’t like taking everything outside to much travel in/out the house )we always use same water that we clean windows (so after all windows are cleaned then last we do screens so doesn’t mess the water for the glass) 1st floor screens are always taken out and clean them on the porch same process . always wipe good the frame of screens,brush them first if they are very bad so you don’t get your water bad after only one screen . simple but works perfect for us

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They go back in the same window they came from.

taking the screen outside… scrubbing them and hosing them off has also help set us apart from local competition. Customers feel like they are getting a more complete job


We deploy a process for gathering the screens. Either go clockwise or counter clockwise and stack the screens behind each other. When cleaning, stack them as if you are gathering them again. Keeps them in order every time.


My method (which is gonna be quite different due the window design)

  1. Place folded towel on the floor
  2. Lift window from track and place on towel
  3. Remove screen and place outside
  4. Clean tracks
  5. Re install window
  6. Clean inside of window, then repeat on next window
  7. Gather up all screens
  8. Using a brush and soapy water lather up screens
  9. Rinse screens with water
  10. Slap dry with huck, and wipe frame (air drying often leaves spots)
    11 Reverse of steps 1-3
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Inside guy goes in pulls all 2nd floor screens sets them by the front door in order.
Outside guy started on the 2nd floor windows

inside guy pushes all 1st floor screens out , then follows outside guy on 2nd floor windows

outside guy cleans upstairs sreens eiher brush or screen cleaning machine . then cleans 1st floor screens and finishes 1st floor windows

inside guy brings upstairs screens in gets a 2nd look at windows an puts them back in

outside guy double checks 1st floor windows an puts all screens in from the outside inside guy clps them all in.


Ive never marked them . what do yu right on them? does this take up time ?

If we keep them in order never had a problem

I strip wash the screens as I clean the windows and then microfiber them dry.


This one wasn’t so bad but it’s the worst picture I have on my computer. Those in the SW will know what causes this pattern. Sometimes I have to break up the dirt with my screen tool in order to get the screen out. Other times I use my brush like a cotton candy handle to twirl up cotton or spider webs.

But basically I keep second and first story screens separate, squirt a heavy soap solution on a stack and run them through the washer. I go pretty fast through it scrubbing the screen and frame and then run it through slow for a rinse.

I don’t like carrying a ton of chemicals so I just use my squirt bottle, put in a bunch of soap and squirt it on. They come out awesome. I only spend about 10-15 seconds per screen. I’ve got a video somewhere and I’ll post it if I can find it.

I don’t mark them either. I had ONE job that I wished I had. They had an addition to their house and the screens were just a LITTLE bit too big to be mixed in with the rest. It took me longer to figure out which screens went where than to clean them. That was a huge pain in the butt.

But I was young and inexperienced so that probably contributed more to it than anything.

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Jared, how often do you dry brush before using your screen washer?