What return would i get with this flier?

this is my one of the fall fliers i used. Can anyone guess what the response was to it. It went out in the same areas that my spring flier went into.

Off the top of my head,
I would think that the return was about 40% of your Spring Flier. Why… No pictures, cute but it just does not have the personal touch that your other flier did with your pics and you in there.

Soo… spring 200 + 50 referrals
Fall 80 + 10 referralss.

No offensee meant but it reminds me of a Sears flyer. It looks good, but it is not your personal one. Kinda wordy too!


I think it is very good. tells the customers why they need to call you.

just to clarify, i had approx 200 houses from the spring one, 50 of those 200 were referrals. Also your way off on the guess at the response. Any other guesses?

20 response
or maybe
250 response
ha i dont know either it was good or bad.

I am on pins and needles

CFP… any guesses? What is your professional opinion?

well, certainly a much better flier. I do not like the name at the top or the big “save” thing. I also do not know your market.

I am thinking it has more words, everyone on here loves to think words don’t sell. You are a proponent of that…

it bombed?

With a few adjusments I could make that work well here… your other one would tank here. Know why? it really is like all the rest. People do not but because of colors on paper, they buy because you have given them reason to buy. The only reason you give is “$79” which I think would anger more as it is not a real price (hence the * next to the price, which you do not explain in the ad) Your other ad also is confusing as it looks like all that stuff listed next to the price is part of the deal.

I understand you live in a modest area, but that even makes it harder to believe. Pretty colors do not get people to open their wallets. A misleading “$79” price point does not get people to go ahead and schedule anyway at $140.

There is many conflicting details about your claim. I have never got anything close to a response like that (which I imagine you had a lot of other people call that did not schedule, right?). I will go out on a limb and guess that Paneless, Chris or anyone on here has even came close to that figure (20%)

Everyone says you flier is “beautiful”, but not anything about good. Take away the colors and what is left… a bogus $79 offer

lol The reason for the success in my flier was just that, nobody else offered fliers for window cleaning ever in this town…never…!

And it was not a bogus or misleading price…it clearly mentioned in small print that that was a starting price only. I only did 2 or 3 jobs at that price all summer.

also its not hard to get a high percentage of response rate with smaller numbers either.
im sure youve done much more than 200 jobs a summer…although having to put out ten times as many fliers, why? not because your is no good, but because you have tons of competitors bombarding your potential clients as well.
I dont have that…yet!
Alsmot all my competitors focus on storefront and commercial, one does a bit of residential but relies on yellow pages and newspaper ads., one occasionally will go door to door if hes doign the hosue for one of his commercial clients.

I think I may be losing my mind…I can’t seem to find any reference to “$79” on this ad, so I don’t get all this talk about that specific price…

[B]Crazy:[/B] I would stop talking about how great your no-competition market is, if I were you! I may just have to spend some money marketing up North!

Seriously, though, the flier you posted (that [I]doesn’t mention $79[/I] - still confused about that) does a lot of things really, really well…

  1. It’s chock full of benefits, although they are kind of ‘buried’ in small print
  2. It’s got a whack of text
  3. It’s got a deadline for the ‘special offer’
  4. It’s got multiple “calls to action”
  5. It’s got a multiple-language “we speak French” angle
  6. It’s got some alliteration

And some more stuff, too, like vibrant colors. I am a firm believer that color does sell, and that specific colors sell better than others, in pushing psychological and emotional buttons. So, kudos on the use of color.

I’m not sure of the response it would’ve got in your low competition market - no idea.

4% ?

[I]Suggestion for future development:[/I] With such a unique name for your company, Eric, I really think you should try leveraging a “Crazy”-themed flier this Spring, too. Seriously.

this flier got 0 response…yes 0%

I was going to guess that. Not because I don’t like the flyer, I thinks it’s great! It’s just that most things you think will work, usually don’t and most things you’re sure will tank, actually surprises us. Marketing is far from being an exact science, she’s mysterious!

Bottom line, try different approaches and if something clicks, don’t change a thing. Just double the amount distributed.

Colors sell window cleaning service? People buy a thing because of color (car, clothes, houses) I do not buy because of colored paper or meaningless graphics, do any of you? It is everywhere so you must be buying everything.

I am surprised again Kevin by you stating that the colors in a flier will sell whatever is in the flier. That is just silly. Pictures and color are only to attract attention to the offer. Color is not a reason for people to call. Who says- “WOW, that is so vibrant! I need them to come clean my windows!”

If we truly need to put color as the focal point and we believe that Crazy is getting a 20% response on fliers about nothing, would we need the “window cleaning business coach” or anything else to grow our business.

According to the record breaking 20% flier, all of us marketers are wrong (you too Kevin) Nobody on here needs my advice, Kevin’s advice or anyone elses.

I knew the flier would tank because it is like a CFP flier (which Crazy knows)

I don’t know why it supposedly tanked. I cannot figure out why anyone would call on the other one (surely not because of lack of competition). Kevin is baffling me…

The Canadian market is different than American? People are full of it? We have spent too much time debating it?..

who knows

Ahh…perhaps less coffee my friend!

Reread what I said: (I must admit, having someone like yourself around does make me reread my posts before hitting “Post”, and for that I thank you!)

I do firmly believe that color is important in a marketing mix. Colors are powerful emotional triggers. As stand alone motivators, though? Nah - of course not!

It would be silly to suggest so.

However, create a black-and-white flier and a color flier with identical content, and the color will out-pull. Now, experiment with those colors, and certain colors will out pull other colors. That definitely is my position.

Extensive research has been done on the persuasive power of well-chosen colors to punctuate messages and stir emotions.

I simply commended the fact that Eric was using “some” color, and at least dipping his feet into this pool of potential.

hmm… I guess I am confused because I have been seeing colored ads for window cleaning, carpet cleaning, house cleaning, painting, roofing, landscaping etc, etc, for many years. (maybe it is new in Canada)

It is of course way easier and way cheaper these days to run off a bunch of high quality full size fliers with the presses some printers now use.

I disagree again. Re-read and have a cup of coffee-

you said “I am a firm believer that [B]color does sell[/B]”

No, it draws attention. Of course a color ad could out produce a b/w ad. But you say the color [U]SELLS[/U] it. Wrong. Are there theories about color and emotional triggers, yes. But the color would not [I]persuade[/I] anybody to buy. I agree it may be possible to help in getting them into a “buying state”. But I absolutely disagree that it is what makes their decision in any way.

Words sell, that is probably why you wrote a 200 word essay on a YP ad and the importance of the words in it…

CFP are you specifically targeting Eric? Kevin?

Images sell to the masses and people who are looking for quick answers, ideas in image form to get quick responses and ideas into their heads.


Canadians, are not Americans, we think differently, also his area is different from mine, in that His target market is also French and English background. (research)

In this day of mass advertising and commercialism, we need different messages for different reasons.
Eric, pics for Residential
Kevin, selling his system to other entrepreneurs. Needs words, and some pictures

Educate …

So I am adding more window services to my existing services, so I will do carpets and floors on some days and windows on others, Mondays are my surprise call in days. three weeks ago, I was called by a BNI member to go and clean up the windows in a strip mall where his guys had made a mess with a power washer. I got 7 customers, two of which I also did their floors, and one I will do their carpets in a month or so.

The windows were on site, live, so colour and information, yes, here is my work and here is the price.

The floor jobs - [COLOR=“Blue”]flyer with pics of before and after photos, name and phone number[/COLOR], [COLOR=“Red”]no other words[/COLOR]. So I showed it twice and got 3 jobs! What is the percentage on that one???
every time someone calls after seeing the flyer, I get 95%-98% bookings, what is that percentage.
ps. flyer is hand delivered, my prefered method. The other method is refferals, I close 90% of those, always… 90%
The people have seen the flyer or my work, both in colour :smiley:

just my $ .02
colour works (ppss in Canada we spell [COLOR=“red”]Colour[/COLOR] this way)

Another point in regards to colour, the guest of Kevins call in show said “[COLOR=“Blue”]large mailings in colour and text, bigger the mailing with colour the better[/COLOR]!”

Of course a color ad could out produce a b/w ad.

We agree. All I was saying.

“Sells” vs “prepares for buying state” vs “motivates” vs “catches attention”

All essentially driving toward the same rest stop: The sale.

Good point about the french and english in this area…in fact i advertise bilingual service, as i am very fluent in both languages. this has helped me land numerous jobs. French Canadians…hardcore french Canadian for some reason feel more comfortable having another french Canadian (my background) in their home.
I think i could have fixed this second fall flier for spring and used it with the same success…
Here in North Bay no service industries have used fliers to advertise. Especially not some you find in your door. (instead of newspaper). I know the competition will most likely start up, this is why im on a quest to be able to design the perfect flier for when that happens. I know my flier is not perfect by any means. But it worked. 20% is one thing, but that also means 80% threw it in the garbage. Its that other 80% i want!

Greedy Bastard!


ho hum… you guys don’t get it and are basing your theory on nothing but a story from a guy on a forum.

hate me, but many of you are Canadians. Go get some this fantastic bounty you have been missing out on (which even the most revered Kevin cannot accomplish… in Canada.)


that means almost nothing… jesus

People see more than 3000 advertisements per day, yes even in Canada. This is just another ad, not a cure for Cancer. If they do not see ads on window cleaning does NOT mean they are sitting there waiting to buy anything they do not see often without good reason.

Make sense?