Whatever happened to the Aquadapter?

Does anyone know why WCR is no longer carrying the Aquadapter? Doesn’t seem like they have the AquaTap anymore either.
Any ideas?

You can order it direct if you have to - shipping may be a little slow though: NEW AQUA-DAPTER Archives - AQUA-DAPTER Archive | AQUA-DAPTER

Thanks for the link, NJones.

Anyone know why WCR stopped carrying them? Chris? Alex? John (Lee)? Was there a problem with them? A year ago everybody was singing their praises.
If guys are no longer using the Aquadapter, how are they controlling flow at the brush?

The Aqua-Dapter although a great seller had some issues. Really too many moving parts that ware out, break off or just stop working. We decided not to continue to carry the product along with pretty much every other supplier in the US. Not to say we won’t have it again one day. The company that makes them clearly has some great ideas so maybe they will come out with a new version that will come back to the US in the future.

In the mean time, you see that you can order direct.

And we still have the Aqua-Tap listed, hasn’t been removed from the site at all. You can still grab one HERE. Don’t forget to check out the videos in the product description if you’re not familiar with how the Aqua-Tap works.

Thanks for clearing that up, Alex.

x2 I love mine and I can’t wait to see an upgraded one!

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Thats too bad! We may go through them every 18 mos or so but the time savings and water conservation is well worth it. Hopefully they will have a newer version soon. Thanks [MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION]

I haven’t had much trouble with mine and I can’t imagine working without it. I’m glad I picked up a couple of spares.

I see the Aquatap as a pretty good alternative - Aqua-Tap

The on off motion can take a little bit to get used to, but I think its a more natural feeling way to turn off the water.

I don’t make any alternative, nor promote any alternative - but I really do not see the water saving devices as having a real relevance outside the UK - Water saving is not a real issue if you have On-Demand systems - you can’t actually ‘save’ water - it is a cycling essential commodity - whether it be as ocean, cloud, river, Lake, animal hydration, animal waste, river, Lake, humidity - it just keeps going round and through the cycle of life.

With our flow rates, you waste as much waiting for the hot water to get to your basin or shower –

Of course, I’m not saying we waste water - that is a philosophically different argument - if you are moving long distances, put a micro tap inline, or pinch the hose!

On the other hand, If you have limited supply of water each day, I think they are awesome.

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[MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] Why not continue selling the aquadapter for now? Sure, it could be better, but we’re all gonna buy the current model from SOMEONE anyway…might as well be WCR!

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I have to strongly disagree with ya [MENTION=378]Perry Tait[/MENTION]
if you are carrying water… in which I find to be a large time saver verses setting up a cart each job, then it’s a great way to conserve the water you have on board. Walking around landscaping and terraces and the like takes a few minutes each direction. Why not cut the water with something stronger than pinching the house. Technically that’s all you “need”. But in real world working environment day after day I prefer something more stable and effective to conserve the water. Which in my mind translates to more gallons of water to clean the glass instead of watering the grass.

I don’t see it as an environmental issue, there is the natural water cycle that you mentioned and the water we use is included in that. It’s the time savings for employees on the job that I think is the big reason to try and conserve where it makes sense to.

As an example: my cart I bought almost 5 years ago blew a pump while we were filling our tank on a commercial job last Friday. (We don’t need to discuss pumps verses no pumps… That’s a whole other thread) :wink:
I ordered the needed parts from the pump manufacturer on Monday. We only had 75 gal of water in the tank when the job was finished the day our cart went down. However because we used the Aquadapter we managed to do another $500 worth of WFP with only that 75 gal and a few to spare. Something like this or even the Aqua-tap makes it easier for employee’s to conserve water when it’s needed.

im not trying to bust your chops or anything Perry but I think there are other reasons to conserve water than the push in the UK.

In California with a severe drought going on every drop counts

  1. Customers would appreciate it- adds value
  2. It is wasteful spraying water when you don’t need to

There were a few issues that arose from carrying the Aqua-Dapter and we just decided it did not need to be part of our catalog any longer. Its not just WCR that stopped carrying the line so that may say something with out saying anything.

Yeah, I noticed that everybody seems to have stopped carrying it in the U.S. That doesn’t bode well for future availability, does it?

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Foreseeable future, no. But stranger things have happened.

I completely agree there are times to close a tap, or pinch a tube - I just don’t think you need to spend $150 on it and turn it on and off between windows… Another process, another set of moving parts, another expense…

The question is - how did the design of the AQUADAPTOR save the day?

Likewise, not busting your chops - it’s always interesting - and I may be inspired to design something better when I ‘get it’…

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I agree with severe drought conditions, no worries!

We had severe drought in Sydney - I get your meaning - we focused on using less flow…

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I like the aqua adapter had mine for two years never had a problem with it . I don’t even know how it broke the wheel thing broke off , an I bought it when it was 150.00.

I would probually buy another one , but this inline shut off valve works fine

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The trouble with those inline shut-off valves is that they are fixed in place. You have to have them installed far enough away from the brush to allow your pole to be fully extended. (That is especially true if you run your hose internally). Then, if you are using your pole fully closed, your shut-off valve is now 35 ft (or whatever the length of your pole is) back down your hose. So, when you want to shut off the flow, you’ve got to go looking for the valve. Alternatively, you can coil some hose and keep it in your hand while you work, so as to have the shut-off valve handy. Personally, I think that is awkward, I’m sure it’s not good for you ergonomically, and if you’re going to do that, you might just as well pinch the hose, which obviates the need for a shut-off valve.

IMO, if you’re going to have an inline shut-off device (as opposed to a device mounted near the brush), it needs to be moveable, so that it can be slid up or down the hose as needed when the length of the pole changes. Or am I missing something???