What's that in your ear?

Just curious what everyone is listening to. I’ve had some tunes going on oh, sheesh, 30 years now, that I still listen to (c’mon, Chronic is now 23 years old).

But there’s been a few songs on the radio that have caught my ear. So I thought I’d start a thread and possibly expand my musical horizons and see what my peeps are listening to out there.

The one I’ve been diggin on lately is Modest Mouse. Apparently they’ve been around a while, but their latest releases are pretty jammin. I don’t know what he’s saying and I’m not sure it’s english, but I was a warlock fan back in the day so not understanding the lyrics doesn’t fret me none.

But after a week of listening to them I finally figured out why I dig them: they’re a cross between midnight oil and oingo boingo. Check it out for yourself

[video=youtube_share;o0ZI9vQfr4Q]Modest Mouse - The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box (Official Music Video) - YouTube

That’s funny…
I worked with a guy who really liked Modest Mouse.

So I’m familiar enough that I could hum along, but don’t really KNOW the songs.

Man , I’m a total Rock n Roll guy . Since you started that thread with the album that blew you away. I’ve probably bought 20 albums from my youth.

I was big into Bruce back in the 70s loved his old music hate his new music. “Born to run” an “darkness on the edge of town.” I’ve been listing to the Stones a lot lately just downloaded “Tattoo you” The Who “who’s next” was just downloaded.
"Zeppelin 2 "just bought that also. I think that was my first album ever

These are all albums I once had back in the days

This is because you posted that thread I just went on a tear with my roots an started acquiring all the albums an cassettes I once had.

I remember back in the day the radio stations would do an A-Z of certain bands so we would put our TDKs in the cassette player an hit record an play then you would have all the Doors songs on one tape. Or whoever if you liked that band they were doing.

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I’ve heard of them, but never checked them out. When you mention Midnight Oil, that’s enough to make me listen when I get a chance.

Different. Not bad, though. I didn’t see the similarity to Midnight Oil, but aren’t thoroughly familiar with them.

[MENTION=7269]Majestic66[/MENTION] (Mike), like you I really get into reacquainting myself with ‘forgotten’ stuff. I just reacquainted myself with this one from 1978

Didn’t realize back then or until the other day that it was a Hollies original.
I’ve been playing it a lot lately.
Also downloaded some Rare Earth that I haven’t listened to in years. “Magic Key”, “In Bed”. [MENTION=1736]JfromtheD[/MENTION] probably knows them well, since they were a Motown act from the D.

I think it’s mainly his voice that reminds me of midnight oil. The funky beat reminds me of oingo. Sheesh, now I’m going to pull a Mike [MENTION=7269]Majestic66[/MENTION] and have to go buy my old Midnight Oil albums again…

The time has cone a facts a fact

Brings back memories that song. There was this club “Spit” we use to go to. Spit was in the back uncle SAMs in the front check this out I was there Madonna-The Basement Tapes(At uncle Sam’s club) - YouTube .
They would always play midnight oil.

Madonna - Live Long Island NY - Uncle Sam’s Club 1983 (Rare Full Show) - YouTube
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“Farmers are hanging on by their fingertips”

I’ve liked Modest Mouse ever since high school. “Float On” was probably the first song I heard from them:


This is bringing back all sorts of great music from those days:




That’s probably enough for now, lol…

but just for fun:


Off Topic: I didn’t post all of those videos just to earn my Diamond Squeegee tonight. I’m proud that it took more than 5 years to log that many posts… :o

[MENTION=3471]Alex Lacey[/MENTION] Hey post all you want. I just want to know what people are listening to these days. I had no idea Modest Mouse had been around that long, they’ve just been playing lampshades and ground walks on the radio almost nonstop so I’m digging them.

Megan Trainer has been getting a lot of play as well, but I dig her sound because of the old Doo Wop stuff my dad liked.

I already posted the Sting Last Ship in another thread but since I pretty much play that at least once a week here it is again:


And Fall Out Boy’s Uma Thurman is kicking it because I like the Munster’s theme mix in there.

[video=youtube_share;2VTxYQL2SbA]Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman - YouTube

You guys are old. Hahahh

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This isn’t a thread for Justin beiber fans…

Just kidding, what you got?

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