What's your average source water TDS reading?

What’s your average Source water TDS reading?

I’m in the Midwest 220


I’m in Dallas suburbs; anywhere between 250-300

I’m in South Wales UK and my water is 056

70s at Homer, Alaska.

400 range in Minnesota

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What system do you use to handle that?

30s at my house. I never checked anywhere else. Hmmm maybe I should.

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180 for winnipeg, anywhere up to near 800 for well water outside city.

The Wash-it aka Xero worked fine. The RO would get it down to about 80-90 and the di would get it the rest of the way.

Yeah, if it was any harder, we’d have rocks come out of the tap.


50-200 depending on the reservoir here in Northeast PA.

50-120 northern california

SW Florida I get ≈150 with city water, and 300-500 from wells

Wa state… city 212-240
well 550+

low to mid 100s in certain areas and you can go 5 miles down the road and its even higher. weird

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50-140 Montréal


100-300 I use a carbon filter before the di tanks which has double the life of the di…

I was wondering if that would help … I guess it does

REALLY double?
I think your math is a little out there, I have always had one as a pre-filter, however the last time I purchased resin I forgot to buy one so I went to the local store and the guy wanted $39 for a same filter I buy from the window cleaning supply for $8 so I did not buy one and left it empty.

Did my resin only last for half the time… There was no real difference in hours it lasted, maybe 5 hours less , but still 5 hours out of 3 months, if it were double i would have had to replace the resin after 6 weeks.