Which make & length?

Getting ready to make a puchase but want make sure I have the right pole with the right length for this pic that is attached. Also the pole would mostly be used for residential and 3 story commercial. What do you guys think?

Personally I’d go with a 35’ Gardiner SL-X carbon fiber pole.

thats exactly what i had in mind but dont want to come up short on length

For 3 stories the pole Micah suggests should be plenty for what your picture shows. If you want to go big and think about possibly doing 4 or almost 5 story work the 52 ft Gardiner would be a good choice.

A few things you can do if you’re concerned about height:

Buy a laser measure. You shine the dot at the top of the highest window and it gives you the height. Very accurate, the only down side is sometimes it’s hard to see the red laser dot in the day time.

If you have a regular window cleaning pole, like a 30 foot Unger, you can extend it out and see where it falls on the building. Make sure you take into consideration the terrain and hold the pole at an angle like you would be using it, rather then standing the pole right against the building.

This is what I generally do, I’ll place my 8 foot unger pole flush against the building, step a ways back from the building and use the camera on my phone to take a picture of the building, showing the bottom all the way to the top. Then I can use the pole as a reference, knowning it’s 8 feet long, and can see how many “poles” high the building is. You may be a few feet off, so just measure on the + side of things.

I love my Gardiner SL-X 35 (thanks, Shawn!), but it does come up short on some 3-story commercial buildings if there are special architectural features. For example, a few 3-story buildings with unusual façades or sloped terrain I am working on require a 40-45 foot pole. Make sure to plan ahead for future considerations.

The 35’ SLX Carbon Fiber is actually only 31 ft of pole thats why i think i may be short. If you had a 52 would you use that for everything from ground level to fully extended or would I have to puchase smaller poles. Im Also I was thinking of getting the hogs hair brush due to the fact that its been awhile since the last clean. Also may purchase reach around. Where is a good place to purchase air hosing for reasonable price.

I know the SL-X line of poles are telescopic, but can they be added to with more SL-X sections later?

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I asked Shawn two weeks ago about additional sections for my SL-X 35:

[B]Larry Laczko wrote:

Are additional sections (for example, 7 thru 10) available so that I can upgrade to a 52-foot model? I didn’t see anything on the Gardiner website, and wasn’t sure if the models utilize the same or different materials.[/B]

[I]Shawn Gavin wrote:
My understandimg is that is possible. I’ve got some things on the way including clamps.[/I]

If you can afford that pole go for it. Go with the higher one tho. Even tho the 35 footer may get this one, there are other 3 story jobs that it will NOT get to. Like Micah mentioned about the terrain, there are sometimes areas that the ground will slope down- then it becomes 8-10 feet higher.

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To answer the OP’s question about the SL-X. I just ordered the 45’ SL-X from Shawn. I specifically asked him if the pole would come apart for situations where I don’t need all that reach. He said it comes apart. You just have to fish the hose back through the sections you take off when you put it back together. I did not ask him if I would have to remove the quick disconnect from the pole hose to remove, replace the lower sections. I do pretty much residential only, but having a 45’ pole will hopefully help me expand my business. I know 45’ is a little overkill for residential. But I am a firm believer that it is better to have something and not need it, than to need something and not have it. Kinda like firearms. :smiley:

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HOLY COW. That’s a lot of distance to come up short. I know if I spent that money on a pole expecting it to be that long and it was not. I would return it. Reason being (and I’m not pushing other poles) for the money, if that thing is supposed to 35 it better be 35. You can get other poles that are just under 31 for a lot less money. I was looking at the Gardiner poles and found others much cheaper. Almost 1/2 the price. BTW I run a ionic multipole/xtel 25 and do not have problems getting to a 3rd floor. I just bought the ionic glyder and also have had no issues hitting the 3rd floor. When you compare the prices of both poles you have to be nuts not to take the carbon. Now I will say this about Ionic. THEY ARE TERRIBLE WITH GETTING SUPPLIES HERE AND THEY ARE TERRIBLE WITH SUPPORT IN THE STATES. So buy at your own risk. I which Chris could get more Ionic supplies. Not sure what the issue is but I can see it being a pain in the butt for him and not wanting to deal with the company because of it. It seems to be they hold back shipments to the states to save money. Understandable but at what cost? All the customer keeps hearing is BACK ORDER BACK ORDER, IT’S ON THE BOAT ETC. Makes a customer not want to buy their stuff anymore. I need supplies yesterday, not 2 months from now.

That 31 to 35 foot situation is this:

Its working height VS actual length. We try to list all poles at there actual length… Other places list working height… Adding in 3 to 4 feet as the pole is assumed to be up at your waist.

As for the Ionics… They are a good company, and easy to deal with. They do however have a exclusive agreement with another distributor… So we do not intend to have there products in anytime soon. We still have some Misc parts, filters left.

This is a great point. Most who get into WFP don’t understand working height. Example. I’m 5 ft nothing. Your 6ft everything. Your waist an my waist will produce two differant working height numbers. Heck if I had Shack working for me then working height of a pole would increase 1 1/2 to 2 more ft.

Man this only shows you one thing about the WFP market. There is none or it’s very little. More and more we hear about agreements like this. Either the people trying to get the product out are morons or believe certain companies are the only ones who can get the product out to the masses. But in my view when you are selling a product that has a very very small niche you better let everyone and just about anyone sell the thing. If this market get’s bigger and more companies start producing equipment, companies who made agreements like these are going to fail. What would happen to these pole companies if a “Mr. Longarm” decided to start producing WFP. Companies like that can mass produce and cut prices to the point where others can’t operate. But “Mr. Longarm” most likely will not be producing a WFP anytime soon as once again. The market is very limited and not worth the investment. Man some of these companies must have some super sharp lemons behind the desk. I will say this though. When you hear about business agreements like that, it only shows how smart Marty was. Well maybe I should not say that, I don’t know if he made that deal.

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Thanks for all the input from everyone. I made a purchase from shawn earlier today.

Residential or Commercial.

We routinely are able to hit 3rd floor residential with a 25’ long pole, but no way on commercial.

The Glyder is listed as a 28’ pole, but it states sections are 5’ and there are 5 of them.

So, I’m curious of the actual length of the glyder?