Which Scrubber?

I’ve been trying out this new scrubber I got last week. The past couple of days have been 9 hour route days so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to give some testing.
I have been using the Pulex MicroTiger which holds a lot of water and scrubs very well. So I switched to my new Unger Monsoon. At first I was aggravated by it. It was much heaver and didn’t seem to scrub much better. But by the end of the first day I got used to it…it was soo heavy because it held a crazy amount of water.

Now I’m by NO means a Unger fan at all…at all!!!
But I have to say that Unger did a fantastic job with this scrubber. I’m really impressed. Holds almost twice as much as my MicroTiger…it’s just hard at first getting use to the heaver load…I could wet down almost twice as many windows than my Puelx…which for route work that’s fantastic.
It scrubbed pretty good.

The Monsoon is now my route scrubber of choice. I would STRONGLY suggest giving it a shot…and don’t get mad after only 1 hour of using it :slight_smile: your arm will get tired from the heaver load

So what’s your scrubber of choice?

Same as you Matt. I love the Monsoon!!


monsoon here too!

I’m not as young as I used to be so I go with the scrubber that holds less water and is therefore lighter. I also like the extra scrubbing action of the micro tiger as well. On a hot summer day with the water evaporating quickly I would use the monsoon if I had one. At one time it was my number one choice.

Residential - Unger MicroFiber (repeat cleaning - Pulex MicroTiger or JRC Blue Max interior / Unger MicroFiber exterior)

Route - Unger Monsoon

I did not vote.

Pulex microfiber or micro tiger. I’m not a fan of the Ungers. The standard Pulex micro holds plenty of water, the micro tiger less because almost half of it is the abrasive fabric. Did you try a regular Pulex micro Matt?

Unger Monsoon for me been using it for 6 months i like it alot

interior unger microfiber sleeve, exterior monsoons all the way! I wont even consider using another sleeve outside.


Interior (resi & commercial) Pulex Microfiber

Exterior Residential- Blue Max

Exterior Commercial-Pulex Micro Tiger (holds plenty of water and has great scrubbing power)

Ettore Porcupine or Pulex Micro-tiger with a Blue Devil.

I haven’t tried that one yet.

For Residential I’ll stay with the Pulex.
Ever notice when your scrubber has a good amount of water and it’s sitting in you BOAB how it kinda drips from the side? with the Monsoon, it almost has a constant flow:D It’s most certainly a route work scrubber.

What’s more important? Scubbing power or how much water the scrubber holds? I personally want the scrubbing power. Maybe Unger should make a monsoon tiger.

Heavier, to me, means harder. If my arm gets tired I have to stop anyway. so, more water means more filling of bucket. more filling of bucker means more work. more work should mean more money.

I do not think I can tell the Funkburgers> “I have to charge you more because I have to work more.”

I may be wrong.

I have to carry a bucket to dip my mop into right? So, if I dip the mop once a window or once every ten windows…i still have to carry the bucket. I have to pick it up…carry it…and set it down. So, while I am down there…I dip the mop. Unger should invent water that aint so damned heavy.

I may be wrong.

The amount of water my mop carries is often decided by how hard I ring the mop after i dip it into the bucket. Too much water and the floors or ground below gets soaked.

I use el cheapo mops.

I did not vote either. But that is because there was no option for lighter water or cheap mops.

that would be a good idea.
It doesn’t scrub that great, but that’s another reason it’s good for route work.

To answer Uncle Phil:
I think you’d use the same amount of water, just less often you have to dip.
If scrubber “A” needs to be dipped every 2 windows because it’s thin, and scrubber “B” needs to be dipped every 4 windows because it’s thicker…which one uses more water??? NOTE: not which ones holds more because that’s obvious.

If there are 20 windows and you have to dip every 5-7 windows and move the bucket that’s about normal. BUT what if you just place the bucket at one end and dip your scrubber and do all 20 windows at once without dipping or moving a bucket???

Again I think it has its place in commercial

My thoughts as well.

Perhaps we don’t really need both of those H’s.



I like a good balance of both. For me the Pulex Micro Tiger holds plenty of water but not so much that it gets too heavy or drips so badly. It has really good scrubbing power for my monthy commercial work and has that scratch pad on one end for really tough debris.

I wish the Pulex Micro Tiger was not so tight and hard to get on/off of my Ettore swivel T-Bar. I also wish the velcro tabs that fasten the Micro Tiger to the t-bar were more durable. I had to throw away a pefectly good Micro Tiger scrubber sleeve because the velcro tabs wore out and fell off.

I’m thinking about filing the end of one of my Ettore T-bars to make it a tad shorter then maybe burnish it with a torch to make it smooth so it won’t tear the sleeve.

But the Pulex Micro Tiger does have a good balance of water retention and scrubbing power.