Which Squeegee?!?!

Been using basic squeegees you can find at HOme Depot, Menards, etc but need to get some new ones. Which brands do you recommend and why? Thanks in advance!

My favorite is Ettore super lite channels with the Ettore contour grip handle. Why: 1. They are light. 2. Good rubber 3. they are durable

I use brass for daily work and keep stainless for construction cleaning and acid wash work.

I have some Ettore brass channels in my tool chest that are over 25 years old. I am still using my yellow-handled Ettore 22" mop handle. I have Ettore “super system” handles I bought new when they first came out in the 1980’s, that I use almost every day

For residential I like a lot of the brands.

I prefer steel to brass as brass tends to bend easy (more
so in hot weather.)

I have big hands so I like handles that are longer. I like to
use a 14 inch channel.

Squeegees are not very expensive. Buy a few of the the
brands and see what you like. There is no squeegee we
all like best.

You said it there!!

Window cleaners arguing squeegees is like hot rodders arguing motor oil. Find the tools that you can use the best and buy those. Get over the tool vanity. I don’t care what kind of tools you use if they do an awesome job and are affordable…I am not into channels that require “special” rubbers that are 3 times the price of “regular” rubbers. I go through too many.

Hands down I think the ettore contour handle is the best I’ve tried. That handle can do pretty much anything. Second is the wagtail, I’ve found that if you use it without the washer it can almost double we a ledger. Channels to meet don’t make much of a differance but then again you can just chalk that up your inexperience. But seriously you’ve got to try the contour handle. Just my 2 cents.

I like the brass with quick release handle. I like to be able to slide the handle down to the end of the channel so I can reach higher when I need to.

Plus I keep a very short channel (about 5") in the bottom of my pail. I don’t need to keep a handle on it because I could just take off quick release from my 14 or 18 inch squeegee.

What I don’t like about those silver squeegees is that the quick release seems hard and if it’s not, it causes the rubber to slide in the channel. With the brass you use clips to keep the rubber centred.

Get all of them and figure it out.

Sometimes you might like one and another time another.

Next question…which soap do you prefer…uh oh…:smiley:

But a bunch of them and see which one you like.
Some are strong. Some are weak. Some smell better than others.
Some have more or less foam.

Some people like lemon and some like blue stuff with a stange smell.
Some like cheap soap and some like to spend money.
They all work. See what you believe is best.
Watch the cap. Some people like pull up caps and some like the flip cap.
For me, the flip cap is no good. It falls off.
The bottle may be worth more than the soap. Who knows?

Ha ha that honestly was going to be my next question. I actually use car wash soap. Can get a gallon at Wal-mart for $5 and for me it works great and lasts a long time. Of course i only have a few jobs here and there right now but that will hopefully change soon.

I love the Slayer channels. My wife uses the Steccone Featherweight channels. We both love the Ettore Contour Pro+ handles.

+1 on that one.

i use a WAGTAIL as my main. it has that extra reach ,probably 3or 4 inches more than others. This means that on ground floor work i dont need a ladder ever. Small pointer 6ft ladders are very popular here and i see many window cleaners using these to hop up . i prefer using just a beer crate and my wagtail

s. Didn’t like them.

My favorite is the ettore contore handle. It swivels, has a large handle and a quick release. I also love the steccone featherweight.

Like everyone else said, try 1 of each and see what you like best. Each of them will have their own personality.

I mix my own. I used to use Dawn and Joy, but my hands were rough and skin peeling from the degreasers. My Dad started messing around with some of the components used to make dish soaps and we came up with a really cool formula that really cleans well and when rinsed, it sheets straight down the glass and doesn’t streak or spot

Would you mind sharing the mix formula?

I don’t think so, Tim

You don’t have to tell us the formula just let us know what you left out.:smiley: