Which would YOU choose....roof or window cleaning?

which would you choose…roof or window cleaning? obviously you do both or you wouldnt be on this part of WCR. If you were to start all over again from scratch, which would you go with?

Window Cleaning since there is not much roof cleaning in my area.

I don’t offer roof cleaning (I’m here anyway 'cause it’s a new post…)

However, I’ll be learning about that service on 2/2/12 at Micah Kommers’ PW Seminar in NOLA.

obviously not much humidity where you are pioneer services. if you dont mind me asking , why the name?

actually the proper answer is BOTH!!! but this is just a question …if you had to choose

I would clean skylights only!

I’m new as well so an accurate answer isn’t possible. I’ll answer a year from now after I get a feel of how hard it is to market.

Roof Treating.

Roof Cleaning…oh dang I already used that…teacher I need a new scantron and a number 2 pencil.


Window cleaning. I have zero desire to do roof cleaning.

If I had a choice windows, people need them done over and over. Roofs are cleaned three times in the life of the house. Windows can be cleaned monthly. Commercial accounts weekly.

Way more money in windows over the long haul.

Ron Musgraves text me for questions 480-522-5227 Pressure Washing Institute

Windows for me. I can’t use a WFP to clean roofs.

Nope. I have been doing this for 15 years.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with you Ron. I know several window cleaners in Tampa who do far better then we do cleaning roofs in tampa. Roof Cleaning is what we know, and teach. But the unfortunate reality is this. Once you clean a roof, it can be from 4 to 6 years before you see any repeat business, unless it is a tile roof, and many stay clean 3 years. You will be lucky if they remember you. Sometimes, you will clean a 12 year old shingle roof, next time it gets dirty, they replace it, then it takes another 6 years to get dirty again.
But I do feel roof cleaning is a great [U]add on[/U] for a window cleaner. And so is softwashing!
Roof Cleaning here in Florida has been whored out so badly, it is truly sad. It is one thing to whore out a screen room, or driveway, because often you can get them back every year. Not so with roof cleaning.
We survive (just barely) cleaning roofs here in Tampa because we have been at it so long, when there was little to no competition, and we have such a large customer base.
Even some of our old roof cleaning customers shop, and we are forced to match the current stupidly low prices offered today.
We just cleaned a big tile roof up in North Tampa for 500.00 we once cleaned for 1500.00
If we saw these kinds of customers every year, it would be different, but this customers tile roof stayed clean enough for his homeowners association for 4 years!

Now, that said, we have roof cleaners on the RCIA Forum up north and in Texas making a killing cleaning roofs. I know several who have made upwards of 50K in a season, but they are not here in Florida.

That’s all? How long is the season? If that number is pretty common for roof cleaning then you just answered the question for the entire thread, or atleast for me.

Thank you for your honest candor. I was beginning to think I was missing the boat doing window cleaning. The threads about power washing, soft washing and roof cleaning made it sound like I was missing something in my business model. Maybe I am but now I know that these things will be add ons to my existing and growing window cleaning business. I was planning to buy a pressure washer this spring anyway but I will push it as an additional service to my window cleaning clients.

I’ll tell you where there’s a fortune to be made is right here in Cali…its dirty roof after dirty roof


how is your son doing? I remember reading over at PWI a while back that he suffered a really odd accident. Is he doing better?

LOL, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, until you have to cut it! Your window cleaning business will put you in a great position too add roof cleaning and soft washing to your existing window cleaning customer base. Pressure Washing is too much like “work” to me, we never use it on roofs, and I can chemically a house clean faster, safer, and better then pressure washing, and charge more for it as well.
We don’t even OWN a pressure washer, nor do we care to.

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