Who does post construction cleanup on new builds? (the house, not just windows)

I’m looking to bid on a cleaning for a new build. I’ve been trying to figure a simple price by the square foot. Can anyone help?

I think [MENTION=30474]Jackllfixit[/MENTION] does that kind of work.

Ya I think [MENTION=30474]Jackllfixit[/MENTION] mention that he does it.

I have but the builders around here expect to pay 17¢ per square foot on the high side including the windows so I try to stay away.

I was kind of thinking about $.18 without windows. Too steep?

I think at that price you could do OK. I’ve done a couple at about 19-20¢ plus windows and they weren’t too bad but the contractors want them spotless and when the painters speckle the marble bathtub with paint they will expect you to get it clean.

I do new home const cleaning. My meat and potatoes, so to speak. Builders dont like to pay a lot because it comes out of their pocket vs the materials which adds to price of home. I have 2 types of builders Custom and cookie cutters. I dont do the clean up like trash out or do floors before carpet guys. We typically try to do ISW before cabinets and after the wallers and painters are finished so we can detail frames for painters to come back an touch up and caulk. They dont want the drywall plaster on frames plus keeps off carpet/floors. Known as a final. Touch ups are when we clean up the mess the others made and fine tune the remaining cleaning. I will do the OSW then and maybe PW garage if they want it cleaned. I am higher than most around here. Can charge around .17 a sq’ and a bit more if you know the other subs are slobs. If I get on QB later I can see what the house I did today was. We did a final with ISW.
Now where you are they may use better materials like wood flooring and upgraded windows. Need a little more info on what type home and what the cleaning requirements are.

You are right on. If they use high end materials up to 19 or 20 because takes longer and other cleaning materials cost more. I will definitely add more if they have many windows, specialty glass, french doors all over.

I did ISW today think 15 windows, all double. A bit slower today but I am picky on my frames plus no water or electric so a bit slower to get the gunk out of sills. Took about 2 hrs. It’s sad windows take like 15 seconds to squeegee and detail. Scraping less than a minute but about 5-10 min on frame. Yeah, they are a bugger sometimes, especially when the frames are painted and they did not use white paint.

Thanks. What is ISW and OSW?
When you charge .17, is that one trip or two?

ISW-Inside windows, OSW outside windows. Trip is included already for the cleanings unless we need to go out because a sub messed something up after we did a touch up. Usually we do 3 trips. Final and touch up. The 3rd trip is OSW, usually because We sometimes wait just before closing so the windwos look nice or if I did OSW at finals a simple charge just to touch up windows, dust , rain spots, finger/face prints from folks looking in. I can afford to do the extra because I am always out checking on the houses to see the progression and inspect. It benefits me to know the status of each house. Had these builders for years now.

[MENTION=30474]Jackllfixit[/MENTION] So your price of $.17 includes windows?

Yes. The 1 builder is .17 and the custom builder is .20. We make out ok because we do this so much we are able to cut the labor down. Sometimes it just sucks but that is due to floors and bathrooms. Windows are a pain but once you begin you get a rhythm going and what works on those windows it speeds up rather quickly.

post construction is the same rate as house cleaning.only different is that takes more time and windows are separate quote for sure!

I never thought of pricing per sq. ft.
I’ve always priced the windows at post-contruction prices and then estimated how many hours/days the rest of the cleaning would take and total it.

I would have to disagree. Regular house cleaning is a different rate. We also do private houses and people don’t pay 300 per house cleaning unless a typical move out clean. I have 3 employees spending every day private house cleaning. Builders will not pay windows separate. That is included with the cleaning. House cleaners do basic windows as well but not a separate task. Window cleaners charge windows like that. House cleaners will do basic cleans. ONLY unless ask for additional window cleaning like OSW. Then will these be a separate charge. Plus normal homes dont have bath tubs full of paint, plaster, mortar, caulk, foam sealer, ****, garbage, trash, etc… Done many move outs where they were like that.
Its what I do and doing it for over 10 years. We are a cleaning company. Private homes is 1st, commercial cleans 2nd, followed by new const, moveouts, and then windows or repairs.

Its a method. All 13 builders I have cleaned for, at least in this area, all go by sq ft. As window cleaners , you see windows as a separate charge. As a cleaner, it is part of the whole package. Builders will not pay window cleaner prices on their homes. They don’t care what fancy tools you have, years experience, or perfect without a smudge. Basic clean is all they care about. It comes out of their pockets to get cleaned so wont pay. Why pay someone 200 plus when get for much less. Unlike a homeowner, they just need it good enough for the painters to finish and some folks to buy it. What the owners do after that, is hire window cleaners. Estimating how long a clean takes is tricky as well. You may have 2 or 3 hrs on a floor alone depending on the type flooring. Unless you do this a lot and know the ins and outs it could take you a very long time compared to a team that has cleaned many.

Sorry for replying a lot. If it is sectionals see Dangerous. WFP Perry. New const cleanings, guess you have me. I apologize for that as well.

Thanks for all the information [MENTION=30474]Jackllfixit[/MENTION].

For once, a thread that I know way too much about. What sucks is for months a house here or there. Now, 3 houses a week. With all the army cutbacks and gov’t furloughs, who is buying these houses around here. They just don’t stop building. Like that stupid rabbit, still going…

Enjoy the work while its there…

… 16 - 18 cents / s.f. not including windows, final clean only, no touch - ups.