Who does pressure washing?

How many other window cleaners here offer pressure washing services? I do! I have a hot water rig and do mostly commercial flat work. Although I know how to wash houses, I rarely do. It’s been a GREAT addition to my business.

Hey Micah

We do allot of residential house washing, and decks. Micah doing commercial work, do you need to work at night allot? Is there allot of maintenance on a hot water machine with the burner and everything?

Pressure Washing Gos Perfect With Windows!!

Glad to see you over here Micah! By the way…Micah is the dude you want to talk to about all aspects of PW 'ing. He’s truly got his act wired tight!

Any recommendations on a trailer mounted set up?

I do pwing as well. Mostly siding and decks. I agree it’s a great upsell that goes hand in hand w/ wcing.

Sometimes the commercial work needs to be done at night. I usually do a good bit of mine in the early morning or after 9 or so. I try not to work all night long - but if I do, I make sure my price justifies it! As for the hot water rig, I have found that they need less maintenance then a cold water direct drive machine. I believe this is because they are geared towards commercial/professional use. Many use belt drives, which turns the pump at a lower RPM, which means longer life. I’ve got close to 200 hours on my hot water unit and all I’ve needed to do is change the oil and replace the air filter. It’s an Aaladin and I’m very happy with it. It DOES burn through some diesel though! $$$

I’ve started some presure washing this year. I have a listing in the local yellow pages starting 01/01/08. I have a Chico’s store that I do every 4 mo. (store front, awning, and sidewalk) I also picked up an Olive Garden once a mo. (back entrance and dumpster area).

I rent a machine right now, but probably will buy one this winter.

I’ll pass this tidbit along Michael. I was told that you should get a machine that’s at least 3000psi and 3gpm. It will make a difference on your flat work.

GPM is more critical than PSI. Also you want to learn about reducing pressure at the tip - get new tips to do this…machines as sold inthe box stores are way too high in pressure for many surfaces. Let your cleaners do the work, don’t just blast with water alone.


Thanks for the tips guys! I’ve already done some research. I’m looking at an entry level machine for $3300 delivered called Mi-T-M. 3000 PSI with 3.5 GPM. It’s the same one I rent. I like the adjustable presure dual lance it comes with.

Check it out! What do you think?


What kind of surfaces are you planning to wash?

I’ve used the Mi-T-M’s myself. Good machines and great choice Michael. Let us know how it works for you.

So far it’s been Stucco and concrete. I have a lot of restraunt customers (window cleaning) that use Presure Washing service. Not going to do any hood work though. Just looking for gravy work that I can do myself.

If you got that much to spend I think you could find a machine that puts out at least 5GPM. Just a bit more could probably get you a hot water machine. Here is just one example. http://sunbrite.stores.yahoo.net/blknmo4behic.html I know nothing about the machine you are looking at though so maybe your research has pointed you in the direction of that particular one for a reason.

I appreciate the suggestion! That machine does have Hot water.

Not sure how I missed that:confused: :o

Be careful on stucco. You do not want to use high pressure. Get an x-jet M-5 and inject the soap up and then rinse low pressure.


We do mostly pressure washing here in PA. This might be a good place for me to learn more about the art of window cleaning and care.

I need some advice on how to get gum off of side walks while power washing?