Winter services?

I’m looking for the best service I can add that I can do all winter. I live in the Midwest and gutter season is coming to an end. Any info on what works for you and why would help a ton!! Thanks guys!

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My winter services are anything that includes me sitting around in my bathrobe with a bottle of Scotch within arm’s reach.

Where in the Midwest are you
located? It can kind of depend on where you are, but we can heavily rely on snow removal and ice dams. Some of out guys drive for a currier company as a sub through lions share,
we do pretty well with that. Also, carpets and floors are always good supplemental work that fall into our operations pretty easy. I really like the idea of getting into floors more over the winter months as we can provide the service to a lot of our commercial customers year round

My Winter service

Christmas lights. Its not steady all winter but its STUPID busy right now through first week of december. Then a break till i start taking them down early jan. Take down runs till late feb/early mar depending on weather. Then windows start getting busy in apr. I do it part time but when i do a full day of lights i can make about $600 - 900. So at least around here there is good money in it.

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yo, do you charge by the hour or by the job? and do you include the price of removal upfront?

Dryer vent cleaning, light snow removal…

There a lot of good ad on’s for the winter time for example dryer vent cleaning, glass restoration, holiday lights, snow removal, route work.

My question is way does residential window cleaning have to stop because of the cold and snow?

It really sucks cleaning windows at a house in the winter… Carrying you ladder through potentially feet of snow… I have done it many times, I was always left thinking how on productive the whole thing was.

I get lugging ladder in the snow and such, but it can be done as long as you take safety steps, I just dont see way most people dont offer the service like they do else where in the world, if you are prepared for the season and can operate in a safe and effect matter why not do what you do year round.

This is just may observation.

Steve I love your enthusiasm. Man up bitches! Babies are born in Alaska and Green Bays gotta play football too! The world must go on…

I think Chris is taking more about time and hassle involved. Yes, it CAN be done, but is it worth it?

Please note: I’m HUNGRY this year, so I’ll be working if the snow is knee deep to the Statue of Liberty, but I see Chris’ point. If I have bank next winter, I’ll be sledding in the snow, not working in it!!!

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I get what Chris is saying Jesse

My point is a lot of people over look what can be done with a little preparation and not have to scramble
for an ad-on for the winter time.

Yeah, and I think you’re right. It’s just that the add-ons are probably a bit easier to do? I really have no right responding to this…this will be my first winter, so I don’t know what I’m doing, LOL

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Jesse your to funny! :wink:

I just want everyone to keep an open mind about what they do and maybe your right they want something easier to do during the cold month and i dont blame them at all.

But there is no reason to hang up the squeegee during the winter is all im saying.

It’s funny, all summer I’ve said I couldn’t wait for the fall/winter and the nice, cool weather, now I’m stressing about ice!!! Hard to please, or what?!

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Some of you are just getting to know me…
But those who do, know that I am a complete bitch when it comes to winter.

Not “wuss/fragile bitch” but “bitchy bitch.” lol
Meaning, I complain alot about it.

But this year, you are going to see a [B]new me.[/B]
I’m going to do my best to embrace it. I’m actually using Chris (TrippleC) as my mentor.

I read comments around here about “oh, that’s just Michigan. It’s how it USED to be, we’ve gotten spoiled.”

  • it’s not. These dupes go from house to car, car to office.
    I’ve been working in it for over 25 years

My prediction: same as last year- this IS the new normal.
My ammunition/reasoning?
It was a cold summer, and a shitty fall before it.
It was the worst winter in 100 years
Horrible Fall (November 2013 it started snowing an didn’t stop till March.)
Rainy Summer and spring 2013- I did as many gutter jobs in June as I did in November.

The last time it was “normal” was Summer 2012
*** sorry, I had a brief relapse there…***

Ok. Yes. Calm, happy, quiet winter.
Yep. That’s ME! :o

I charge by the foot but always just give the customer the overall price when quoting. And after almost 20 years i am very good at estimating footage. When looking at the house you can use the garage door as a good guide to start from. A double is usually 16’ long and go from there. Works good for gutters too. There is a Christmas light design program for your computer where you can put a photo of a house in, add lights and decoratuons to it and it will tell you the footage too. Google Holidaysoft. I think its about $100

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And i include take down in my initial price. Some companies charge when going back. Usually 40% of instal price. Then you would spread the income a little bit.

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This should be fun to watch!