Winter Weather Cleaning

Hey guys, I’m looking to hear some of your tricks for cleaning in these cold temps. We’ve been seeing single didgets the past few weeks and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.

We use washing fluid in the cold weather. However, in these temps we’re seeing that freeze. We have a large amount of route cleaning and we need to get as much done as possible in these cold weeks. I’ve heard guys adding rubbing alcohol to their solution. Didn’t know if any of you found a great mix to use?


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How cold is by you now?

You can use windshield washer fluid, methenal or pure alcohol.

@Pure_Water_Window_Cl has cleaned windows down to -39 with 99.99% pure alcohol.


Today has been the warmest all week of 12 degrees. We’ve been averaging 5-10.

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I work into those conditions regularly during winter.

Make your mixture of water and what ever your addictive stronger, less water.

What I have found that work well is I add my additive directly to the washer sleeve or Fliq pad.

Hope this helps.

We use regular, undiluted washer fluid to 0 degrees.

If you add soap that foams it will Freeze even at15゚ less water/alcohol content.

It is better to use a diluted alcohol if you’re working from 5゚ or lower but adding any soaps, alcohol kind of counter act for little foaming.


If you can get your hands on a drum of methenal and dilute to your needs. I have in a pinch when all a I had was washer fluid add a bottle of Heat .

I buy methanol in 55 gallon drums for $2.96 per gallon, use your regular solution and add the methanol to the strip washer as the temps allow. I regularly wash windows in below zero temps.Make sure your using waterproof gloves when using methanol.


twilliswc nailed it.
That is by far the most effective as well as cost efficient solution. As mentioned, wear your gloves! Otherwise the methanol will soak into your skin and slowly poison you. And indicator that you are being poisoned is solid white lines across your fingernails.

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@anon46335951 So if I am understanding correctly you are just using windshield washer fluid as your solution? No need to mix it with dawn or whatever else you use? What is the ratio?

We don’t waste time mixing too cold just go straight.

With us on methanol and isopropyl alcohol is those both require MSDS sheets and are both flammable we can’t store these on the rooftop while we work.


@anon46335951 Thanks. Is there a certain brand you use and how much per gallon? Sorry for all the questions but I have a Krispy Kreme to do monday morning at 6 am and its going to be 11 degrees.

Hey Steve. I will be working in really cold conditions next week. Tues - Fri temps will range from 19 to 26 degrees. Wind chills might be in the single digits some days. Would you recommend I mix the 99% Isopropyl alcohol … 60% alcohol and 40% water in a squirt bottle?

Thanks in advance for the help! Greatly appreciated

Hey Chad!

Yes that should work great. Remember to take the bottle of alcohol with you just in case the temps drop because of the wind.

If the 60/40 begins to freeze on the glass just go apply the alcohol directly to your sleeve.

Don’t forget Chad the smell is strong straight. Outside it not to bad but inside it would strong, so take an extra sleeve and extra squit bottle with you normal solution for the interior work.

Stay warm Chad. Have a great New Years!

Thank you so much for the advice.

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Straight, meaning not diluted. I buy when on sale $1.50 OR less per gallon.

All brands are same. Only differences are how cold it goes, you can buy something good to 5 below for $1.50 a gallon or something good for 30 below for $3 a gallon


One other quick question, do you add soap to that mix of 60/40? If not, I am assuming all you could do is straight pulls without soap for slip.

Thanks again for the help! It will be in the mid 20’s tomorrow morning. I plan on trying out the mix tomorrow before I go to work Tues.

Yes Chad

I add a few drops of soap directly to my sleeve or Fliq pad. I don’t add soap to my bottles or buckets.

I always add a few drops to my sleeve or Fliq pad.

After you test it out and if you have any questions. Please let me know.

Thanks Steve! I will let you know how tomorrow goes.

Always happens, I leave the bucket in van overnight and it’s a solid block. Lol


@wcs Hey Steve. The solution mix you recommended worked really well this morning. It was 22 degrees and with the wind chill felt like 9 degrees.

Thanks again for the help! Happy New Year!

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