Work Belt Setup (for the newbies)

So does anyone have pic’s of their work belt setups, both res and storefront. I think it will help the newbies get organized easier if they see pics.


I’m curious to see some setups myself… anything that saves time and effort interests me.

I’ll start with a photo of my belt,

I adjust equipment to each job but here’s my daily setup:

from left to right: business cards/steel wool in pouch… double loop pouch ( w/ magnetic blade holder, invoice book, 6" blade, almond scrub pad, sponge, pen, towels)… screen lanyard… multi-tool… screen brush, 6" squeegee, and BOAB w 18" washer and squeegee.

missing: I carry a tooth brush for detailing interior tracks and frames and have a clip on water bottle carrier for roof glass/skylights.

the invoice book is carried for store fronts/restaurants (saves time not running out to the truck every time I complete a job), big blade is strictly N/C and paint removal, screen brush is exterior residential (of course), and the 6" squeegee is accompanied by a 24"/36" squeegee if needed, depending on the size of the glass.

it looks like a lot but, it’s a pretty comfortable setup I’ve been using for years on every job.

sometimes I do feel like batman though… it’s nice to have just about everything I need on hand.



Nice setup Jimmy…Thanks for jumping in.

Outside, much less for inside.

This is mine. 15 years of finely-tuned, dialed-in refinement. Works for inside, outside, commercial, resi, ccu, u name it. Left to right:

-Ettore belt (leather loop is the best, more supple than the unger nylon)
-Unger pouch (this holds either white 3m scrub pad, magic eraser or steel wool. sometimes all of the above. i usually have a few 1.5" blades in there too)
-DeWalt tool holster for paint brush (best tool for dusting sills etc. why create mud when you can dust dry debris away first?)
-Unger ErgoTec dual hoslter (this holds my backup squeegee, usually a modified 8" ettore channel on an ergoTec handle, and a triumph 6" scraper)
-MultiTool (i’m a sog man)
-classic Unger BOAB (has the best click scraper holder) with primary squeegee and washer.

this setup is lean, clean and mean. i believe it’s the perfect balance between light weight and full feature.


nice, I feel better about my 2 pocket pouch… good to see that sponge in there, not to mention the extra channels of different sizes, well done.


looks perfected for your operation… thanks for posting the photo.

I like to bring a angled paint brush when doing N/C too, sweep it dry. wet debris of any kind is a pain.

if I didn’t need my large pouch I’d loose it but, it’s so handy for holding manufacturer stickers, the little pieces of scotch tape office people love to leave on the glass and the dead bugs I find in tracks.


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heres mine,

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Nice setup guys [MENTION=4561]de.fuller[/MENTION] [MENTION=7230]c_wininger[/MENTION] [MENTION=2009]jonnyald[/MENTION] .

I also can put a squirt bottle in there and stuff in a scrim as well.

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Just the basics, scrim goes over my shoulder


That is the MUST have work Belt…:cool:

I love threads like this, here is mine for Residental
Just got the water bottle holder for my scrub pad and really like it
Unger pouch with retractable scraper, that is something I just got also and so far really like. It lets the scraper be a one handed operation, that frees up my right hand to use my mop. I keep a small cut up squeegee in there also. Next is a detail brush, then for Residential I use mostly a 14" mop and squeegee. Huck towels for residential, they go in the big pouch and over my shoulder.

For Commercial I get rid of the scrub pad and sill brush, move to a 18" mop and squeegee and add a sill squeegee and a wagtail. I really like the wagtail and am open to suggestions as to how to carry it. This works ok, but drips a lot. I use scrims for commercial


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My vote for best belt

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You have to cut the slot in your BOAB a bit lower. Wagga shows this in one of his videos. I’ll try to post a pic but no promises.

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Well that’s just TOO MUCH STUFF! Notice the suspenders lol.

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Hey Patrick weres the pouch for the kitchen sink…LOL

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I dump the boab and use it. I really like a light weight belt. I just slimed down from 6 squeegees to 4.

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well… this is a good start. you are missing something important though.

this is essential for carrying the extension poles you will need from time to time. add this to the mix and your setup will be complete.


If I could incorporate that into my suspenders that would be nice.

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