Work clothes

This is mainly directed toward my fellow Texans but all are welcome to answer. Today the heat index is going to ridiculous and I was wondering what type of clothing you wear. Is there a particular material that you like? Let me know.

We have gone to polyester. Lightweight 4.5 oz or less, moisture wicking, loose fitting. Bonus if it has a uv barrier.

Speedo with lots of sunscreen. And work boots, because, you know, safety first…





Guilty as charged. I forget there are cameras everywhere.

Seriously tho, I’ve been in shorts and golf shirts or tshirts since February. These past few days have been murder tho. I wear a straw hat whenever I do residential to try and keep my head from overheating. Finally, I start at 5-6 in the morning.


That’s funny.

Get yourself some light moisture wicking shirts. They’re awesome.

Agree. I also wear khaki shorts, moisture wicking shirt, work shoes, and a hat for the sun.

Anyone else going thru 2 or 3 shirts in a day? Maybe i just more out of shape than i originally thought hahaha

Anyone have snack/food ideas to help with dehydration? Like snickers or things to help prolong hydration…minus bananas


Might want to try t-shirts and salt tabs.

armachillo from deluth trading

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Bananas aren’t so much for dehydration as much as they are to prevent and/or help with sore muscles…potassium is part of what the muscle needs.
Pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, grapes, are great for preventing dehydration and providing natural sugars for energy.
Snickers? Mostly an energy spike food. Most sugar heavy foods should be avoided if your main goal is to remain hydrated. Sodas, Energy Drinks, Caffeine, Shakes, Ice Cream will dehydrate you.
Salt tablets without the correct amount of water can make dehydration worse and be hard on the urinary system.


Apples and grapes…hmmm. Yeah im trying to think of things to eat after work to keep healthy and assist hydration/recovery

I don’t understand, you can’t eat apples, grapes, or bananas?

They’re not healthy?

@Dee where did i say i cant eat apples or grapes?
I said hmmm as in didnt consider them. And yes i dislike bananas

I have a lot of stuff from Deluth

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Ah, OK. I’ll make a note “@Babz dislikes bananas.” And ‘hmmm’ means 'as in didn’t consider that’
Got it.

Sorry, I missed the memos.


Oh man…that’s freaking hilarious man… You have me rolling :joy: :joy::joy:

Stick around, get serious about learning this new trade …
I would hate to see you go…

Thanks for the laugh!!


Wait, haha Snickers aren’t a food group?


Following. Next Sunday I will be in Fairbanks, Alaska working on some bids in 70 degree weather. I can’t remember working in temps over 70 in my hometown.

Temps go over 90 at Fairbanks so I need to get ready. Fortunately it is a dry heat.

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