Would you name your business this?

I saw this the other day and had to snap a photo. What do you think of his business name?

Doesn’t he play poker too? Where DOES he find all the time…

He’s too busy making money to play poker :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, that name is horrible

he better be doing better at poker

That is too funny. I had an ex employee “try” and start his own company. He even got the biggest ad in the yellow pages which probably ruined him. Anyway he had the bright idea to name his company “Spit and Shine window cleaning”. Needless to say he didn’t even last a year.


What does he clean besides windows (I’m just guessing here) and rivers?


You’re right – that is “Straight and to the point.”

BTW, Kenny – welcome to the world’s greatest WC’ing forum.

Perhaps he should have swapped the first 2 letters of SPit & SHine round - not even a year, huh.

People just don’t try. No wonder so many businesses fail. I’ve seen really bad business names go on to be common household names, even here. I believe that if you do the hard work it doesn’t matter what you are called - your company will still take off.


Ive seen a company called Peeping Toms window cleaning, pretty funny. They seemed like a big co. too…

haha… who hasn’t thought of that one? I guess not just me:o

I’ve always wanted to see a window washing company called “Glass Wipers”…

That would kick glass…

Well, the hard work can become harder for no reason other than a boner WE have for a name.

I get kick out of the “if we are high quality, that’s all that matters”… that is silly as they need to try our service to like it. Sometimes cute can work, sometimes not.

Our name means a lot, but in a different way than most think. The first thing someone sees and judges us by is the name. Sure you can supersede that with good advertising and good word of mouth… but if I think Pee and Crap Window Cleaning is funny and a stand out name, is that a good thing?

Most of us never really look at the name as consumers will.

I seen a great example on another forum. The guys company is Outlaw Window Cleaning. I actually think it sounds quite cool and I would LOVE to market on that theme… until I take the word outlaw and put it by itself. What is an outlaw? not good, right. Someone that murders, steals, rapes… now to associate that term to someone you are going to let walk around your home.

People do subconsciously connect these things. It might trigger a negative spark that causes a deep down distrust they are unaware of.

A name will not make your company, but it can break it… or break the bank as you need more and more marketing dollars to reshape consumers inner connection to this slightly racy theme.

Yeah, I got deep on this one and most will say “whatever dude”… too bad, I typed it anyway :smiley:

I actually agree with you on this and have often wondered what the “Window Gang” people were thinking! I would love to market against them. Would you want a gang member coming to your house?

we do not have the gang here, we have The Squeegee Squad.

It is much better than “gang”

On a side-note:

The biggest coffee machine repair service here are S.H.A.T.
The biggest selling washing powder in Spain: Colón. (Also the supposed original surname of Christopher Columbus), but still meaning the same thing in Spanish.


Anybody want to try S.H.I.T Window Cleaning (shat here in the midwest) to see if names matter?.. anyone?.. anyone?..anyone? Not likely.

As for colon, that does have a double meaning as it is a punctuation. To go out looking for absurd names is counterproductive. Work on a name that will take less work later… or just do what you want.