Wow...$24.50 to clean the exterior of Walgreens

Just had a service provider tell me the payout for cleaning the exterior glass of walgreens is $24.50. The interior pays $27 which includes all their mirrors.


Let’s think this through…They are willing to pay you next-to-nothing, act like they are doing you a favor, make you call a phone number to clock-in and out as though you were an employee, and then they will wait “a month or so” (60+ days) to pay you - if you nag them long enough. A few years ago there was even one that required you to wear their shirt while on their jobs. Just say “No!”

You forgot to mention, having to move the camera sign and poster advertisements that hang in the windows.
Sounds almost like slave labor to me …

I don’t know how any legit or non legit company could even do it. That is really low even for a bucket bob.

Ok, which lowball NSP was it…Can I guess? I’m going to say it was SuperClean or FSE out of Chicago, IL

One of the reasons that the price is so low could be because so many people have their
hands in the pot. For instance, Walgreens has a middle man (CBRE) that is the "go between"
for the NSP and Walgreens Store Facilities. The NSP is the “go between” for us (the vendor) and
Walgreens, supposedly, but in fact nobody gets paid until CBRE cuts the check after
they’ve verified the services (which sometimes is up to 30 days after it was done).

All I can say is that a $250 power washing service gets whittled down to a $100 service
to the vendor after CBRE and SuperClean have taken their cut. It’s pretty mind-numbing when you
stop to think about it.

If it took an hour to do the job may be worth it,thats $50 per hour,but it seem like its more than one hour of work

I just had an out of state cleaning contractor working up here call me yesterday about a bidding on a new construction apartment complex in town. Called him back today and said I honestly wasn’t interested, but he almost begged me to give him a bid. I said $8 for a single hung 3rd story window, he was shocked and said they were doing them in his area for $1.75. That means I’d have to set the ladder up, clean construction debris off, and get the ladder moved to the next window in under 3 minutes! I couldn’t ride a bull for 8 seconds to save my life so I told him he should definitely find someone else!

Another reason I quite do’n CCU’s!

No its Alliance Window Cleaning. I know someone that used to work for them. The company is a piece of work

Wow so not worth cleaning those windows

I have two divisions of walgreens and I can honestly say that is not what they pay!!! I make a good $$$ with my walgreens accounts!!!

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That 3rd party vendor must be giving you the run around…he would not make it because walgreens and cbre is asking for at least 5 million dollar liability insurance.

I’m confused. How do you figure? lol

In my tiers the inside windows and mirrors go once a year unless you are good with the manager and he will let you do it whenever you feel. I have never had an invoice rejected from them.

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Just landed the account on both Walgreen’s in town for $125 a piece (outside only), I should be able to knock it out in an hour. I hate commercial work, but at that price I’ll do it!

Nice, I haven’t bothered with them since I heard they went FMC. I saw a guy who looked like the squeegee michael jordan logo thing balanced between a pillar and the wall trying to clean the walgreens. I figured he was an employee.

So maybe I’ll stop by and see what’s what.

That’s a nice price for Walgreens. Shocking .
An hour to clean them …that must be a big Walgreens. I use to clean a couple of them 15 years ago Im thinking it took half an hour. Although they did have a lot of doors an we didn’t do hem all the time
Btw is that through a maintenance company ?
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…Hmmm…If I get paid 24.50 for the job and it takes me an hour, that looks to me like 24.50/hr.

Yes it is possible to make OK money on a corporate franchise store front. But most of the time not. Most of the time it is necessary to deal with an NSP. With all of the aggravation this usually brings. Having dealt with this problem for 35 years I have finally attained a route of 195 accounts that are 95% independant. Virtually NO franchises. And I get paid any way I can. As fast as I can.